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Alphabiotics energy connectionAlphabiotics is a physically applied procedure that profoundly effects the bilateralized energy of the brain, the biomechanical balance of the body, and the spiritual connection to higher self that results from the removal of stress-caused imbalances from the neuromuscular system.


Anyone who is experiencing stress, whether it be emotional, physical or chemical is a potential participant in the Alphabiotic process. It is commonly understood that human beings evolved in a dangerous world and are equipped to deal with acute stress, such as that evoked by the sudden threat that elicits the classic fight, flight or freeze response. When faced with such a threat the body mobilizes its resources by shifting brain energy into the limbic system, raising heart beat and blood pressure, and locking into the brain's dominant hemisphere. This pattern is highly effective in dealing with acute inputs. It is however, injurious to remain in a stress state for long periods of time. Modern life, unfortunately, provides high levels of chronic stress which we are less well able to handle successfully. Later, we will explore in some detail the effects of this inappropriate stress state on our health. Suffice it to say for now that there is help on the horizon in the form of the Alphabiotic alignment process that we will describe to you in this pamphlet.


Many people come to Alphabiotics because they are experiencing pain, health challenges, or other physical dysphoria. It is a fact that pain and discomfort are profound motivators of human activity. It is important to realize that that Alphabiotics does not claim to heal, treat, or cure discomfort or disease. We operate outside of the therapeutic model. What we do is to remove the impediments to the free flow of your own innate energy so that the wisdom of your body can do its own healing in its own priority way. So even though you may come here with pain and may leave without it, the process that removes your pain and does the healing is the energy inside yourself. We can help you increase that energy by restoring your biomechanical balance.


Because of the effects of stress, the body will tend to have greater muscle tension on one side than on the other. The side with the greater tension will tend to be more constricted, with one leg pulled shorter than the other and the pelvis twisted forward so as to pull the back out of line. Frequently there is a weight differential between the two sides such that if you stood with your feet placed on side by side scales, one side might weigh five or ten pounds more than the other. Over the miles of walking that a person does in a day this can add a considerably disproportionate burden to your body. The effects of this imbalance require the use of much additional energy to retain your proper relationship to the pervasive effects of gravity. It is self evident that if you can survive and function out of balance with gravity you can thrive if that imbalance is removed. Alphabiotic alignments taken regularly enable a person to remain in that most favorable state for healing to occur.
Human neuro-muscular systemThe practice itself is a simple hands on procedure that has been safely performed many hundreds of thousands of times. As you participate in this process you will lie comfortably on a slanted table much like a massage table. The Alphabioticist will check the relative length and strength of your legs , the rotation of your hips and use various other kinesiological tests to determine if and in what way your body is responding to stress. Then, with a quick gentle thrust to the occipital region he applies the alignment. Although there is a rapid and satisfying decompression to the neck and spine, the alignment does not actually involve the moving of vertebrae or any adjustment to the spinal chord. It does however cause an immediate equalization of the muscle tension on either side of the spine. Leg length equalizes, and symmetry is reestablished. The way that this happens is not fully understood or easy to explain, One analogy, using a modern paradigm, is the rebooting of a computer when its processor is bogged down by conflicting programming applications. There is a millisecond during the Alignment when a high level sensory input to the brain overrides the daily stress programs and allows the brain to reconnect to Source. This is expressed as the harmonious experience of Alpha wave awareness. Once the stress is cleared and balance has been restored, the alignment is over and you may arise and depart when you feel ready to do so.
The Path of peace leads to the doorway of blissALIGNMENT EFFECTS

What can you expect to feel or experience when you have an alignment? The first thing that most people notice is a feeling of relaxation. Nagging pains and cricks almost miraculously disappear. This is not hard to understand when you realize that the major cause of these discomforts is unconscious tightening of the muscles in the spine because of stress. Some people literally feel the energy flowing back to the extremities as the blockages are removed, This might be experienced as a tingling or a rush of warmth. You might experience colors more vividly, and enjoy the inherent music in the sounds of life. You will certainly feel better balanced and more even in your stance when you arise from the table. In most cases you will feel an increase of strength.

One thing that you might not see, but which is readily observable, is that there will be an equalization in the length of your legs. When we test the leg length of our participants as part of our obnosis process we find that one leg can be anywhere from an eighth of an inch to over an inch shorter than the other. This is caused by the stress response that we explain elsewhere in this pamphlet, and is something that can put severe strain on the spine and pelvis, neck and head. With the hip rotated forward, pelvis pulled up, spine twisting to compensate, we have a perfect recipe for a host of complaints. Coming back into balance is a marvelous restorative tonic for the miseries that ensue from that condition.Many people report that after they leave the center they feel calmer and more able to handle the challenges of their daily lives.

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