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Colors of the Mayan Hammock

Mayan Hammocks from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico are available in a veritable rainbow assortment of hues, colors, and combinations. Since they are hand made by creative artisans, no two are exactly alike. As I look at the hundreds of hammocks in the shop I am constantly struck by how difficult it is to adequately describe the various color themes. Simplest, of course, to describe are the beautiful undyed natural hammocks and single color hammocks in blue, green, yellow, red, black, purple and orange. Then there are the two color combinations-some harmonious, like light blue and dark blue, or blue and green. Some a little more vivid like green and yellow, blue and gold, and blue and orange. Then there are the rainbow combinations-some with every color equally dominant, some with the cool color stripes predominating, some with the warmer colors predominating. Then there is the sophisticated herringbone type, interwoven with vibrant, subtle color fields of tremendous beauty, and quite indescribable. In the ordering section I have used these headers to help you order. In the comments section on the final order page there is an opportunity for you to describe further what we can help you find. We do our best! The Mayan colors are traditionally the primary and secondary colors.  Now, however, pinks, pastels and vibrant tertiary colors are available in the Tommy Hamaca line, the Nylon Yucatecan hammocks, and the crochet, which have more elaborate palettes. In choosing colors for outdoor use it is helpful to remember that dark colors fade more noticeably than light colors.

And please remember, because each hammock is handmade, there are no two alike, either in size or color. Each hammock is shipped in a clear plastic bag, so you can easily see the quality of the weave and color.When you are ready to order, click on the "Purchase" link below or on the "Mayan Hammocks" link in the sidebar.

Natural Yellow Orange Red
Tequila Sunrise Turquoise (Sky Blue) Green Royal Blue
Cool Rainbow Forest Green Festive tropical Dot Striped Multicolor
Coffee and Cream


thyellow.jpg thblack.jpg thgreen.jpg
Yellow Black Fern Green

Coffee Cantata_1.jpg Cool_Rainbow1.jpg Ecru_1.jpg
Coffee Cantata Cool Rainbow Ecru
going_green.jpg Mango Passion_1.jpg Tropical_Multicolor.jpg
Going Green
Mango Passion
Tropical Multicolor
Tropical_pastels.jpg warm_rainbow.jpg Tequila_Sunrise.jpg
Tropical Pastels
Warm Rainbow
Tequila Sunrise

Lush tropical



 In the ordering section we are adding some new terms to help with selection:
Cool Rainbows are combinations of blues, greens, and/or purple, with or without a warm accent color.
Warm rainbows feature orange, yellow and turquoise or red or light green. 
Tropical Multicolors are combinations of three or more bright colors in varying combinations and patterns.
Dot striped tropicolors have stripes which include accent color dots.
A recent designation is the mix of yellow, orange, and red we call "Tequila Sunrise", the warmest way to relax your cares away.

Color patterns shown are typical, but remember that no two are alike. You may express any color preferences in the special instructions area. We will do our best.

Some Yucatecan Nylon Colors




Royal Blue Cool Rain Green Bright Green
Royal Blue Cool Rainbow Green Spring Green
Sky Blue Tropical Multicolors Interwoven Forest Green
Sky Blue Tropical Multicolors Interwoven Tropicolors Forest Green
Mayan Crochet Hammock Colors Regular Size Mayan Hammock Colors XX Grande Size

Pictured above is the shelf of crochet hammocks. This selection is in constant flux, of course; but this will show you some of what is available. In ordering a crochet hammockyou may pick a color from this shelf and describe it and its placement to identify your choice in the special notes section of the order form. We will take it from there.







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