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Customer Testimonials

It is a real pleasure serving all of you at Seaside Hammocks.
Following are just a few of the unsolicited remarks our
satisfied customers have
made on our service and products. Thank you!

Hi Tom,
I received the hammock today.  I love it.  It is more comfortable than I could imagine and it is beautiful! 

Aloha Tom, How goes the new year? I hope you and yours are well. I just wanted to thank you for your help with the wonderful hammocks. I haven't tried the jumbo
cotton yet but really like the X Grande that goes by your name. One of these days I'll give it a
try through the night. It's amazing!
My favorite hammock yet. The vacationers at my rental here in Hawaii say the same. Enjoy, Ralph

Hi Tom,
I just got back from my trip to find the hammock chair had arrived, and it is wonderful!..  Thank you for your follow through! 
These are fabulous chairs that provide a lightness, relaxation, playfulness and nurturance to my home and family. 
Thank you for providing this to people.  In my opinion, it is a much needed in the American home, and it has such great style too! :)
 I hope you get more color availability soon!, and I will buy more as gifts :)

Wow! I have high expectations, but you guys have great service. I ordered a Hamaca Grande as my wife's
Christmas present on Friday afternoon, and received it on Monday afternoon. I can't wait for a lazy afternoon
by the lake in Maine this coming July to give it a test snooze! Thanks for your great service!

Kim, another happy report from the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico. Awesome is the word of this day and for
many to come I'm sure! We are shocked to find out that something from centuries ago could be so 21st century!
The bad news is that I have lost my wife, HeHe I have written on my face book page that we have found a gem
of a company in Seaside Hammocks and have posted your web site address. Thanks to Tommy input for a
hammock to meet the needs of the moist climate of the beach here and the most helpful advice caring attention
you have given to us Kim we are very happy campers and will always be grateful for our crossing paths.
Cheers and again thanks Kim!!
Terry and Lourdes
Puerto Rico

Ahh, you are an absolute delight to deal with Tom. I have just forwarded your firm's information (along with my
praise) to a friend of mine out in New York who is very interested in buying a hammock for his apartment. He's
got some high expectations, no thanks to my hyping of the situation, and I am confident you will deliver exactly

Thanks again,

Hi Tom,

We received the hammock yesterday, and my husband loves it!! Thanks for your help and the quick service.


I wanted to let you know how much we love our Tommy Hamaca. Thank you for sending it out so quickly.


The hammock is amazing, thank you so much!

Update: That was absolutely the best nights sleep I've ever experienced!!! For the first time in a while I'm
not stiff, it was like heaven, I so don't want to get out this morning and I'm never going back to terra firma.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! :D

We purchased our hammocks at the beginning of 2010 and have been thrilled with them! The shipping was
wonderfully quick and the colours of the hammocks were perfect! We sleep comfortably every night! I have
posted our hammock story at theunconventionalschoolhouse.blogspot.com along with a link to your site.
Please feel free to share my praise of hammocks with customers.

Thought I should take a minute to let you know all this worked out exceptionally well.
I do get a little more 'swing' or 'pendulum' from the higher mount but not anything even slightly annoying.
If I had children playing in them it might be an issue; an old guy like me just enjoys a little extra rocking
for a few seconds when I get in.
Again, I am very happy with the quality of your product and the exceptional level of service you provide.

Thank you!
Hi Tom
Just wanted to let you know that I had bought a hammock way back in 2008 and to date, its still in fantastic
condition - our kids and the neighborhood kids use it as a swing and it has survived very well! We didnt use
it as much as we thought we would but it has been one of my wife's most favorite gifts she has
received until now!
Sunnyvale,CA We are swinging in the breeze, Tom!  My husband spent hours in it yesterday with the misting fan spraying
(it was over 102 on our deck), the music playing, a good book, and a cold drink.  I convinced him to keep the
Tommy Hamaca which I like so much!  I told him to credit it toward my birthday gift in November!
Texas I received my replacement hammock yesterday, and I love it! Thanks for the great customer service.
Tacoma Tom,
The installation kit arrived today. Now, I firmly say, great service! Thank you so much!
God Bless,
Chicago Kim and Tommy, we got the hamaca yesterday. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Thanks! (My husband) was very surprised,
LOVES the hamaca, and almost felt asleep when I was preparing a light dinner!!!! This is a PERFECT hammock
for summer, very bright and light. All our former hammocks have been thicker and tight weave, so a little warm
for the Florida summer. I found this one perfect for hot days!!! and is even safer than our former ones, because
I can check if anything is in there before getting into the hammock (we found a snake several years ago, inside
of one of our hammocks, and we could not see it because it was not a see through type, like this one)
The only problem ... My lab is jealous! now she cannot get into the hammock, because of the open weave!
and she loves hammocks too, so we will have to find the way to be able to get her in there, with me or my
 In my native country Venezuela, we call this type of hammock "chinchorro" because of the open weave. The
"hamaca" is the tight cotton that you cannot see through, and the "chincorro" is like this one, mesh type. This is
just for your reference, since you are in the hammock business, I thought you will like to know this Venezuelan
Again, thanks so much, and have a wonderful weekend!
Florida Hello,I just wanted to let you know that your hammock has brought my sister such joy!  She loves it and is so happy to have it. 
Thanks for your great selection and wonderful product. 
Have a great day,
Beth Hi Tommy, I just want to thank you for one of the best shopping experience of my life. A few days before Father's Day
I ordered my husband a Tommy Hamaca XX Grande mayan hammock. Any concerns I had about this purchase were
gone the moment I spoke with you on the phone. You generously shared your knowledge and passion for the hammocks
in helping me select the best one. It arrived in a matter of days and the hardest part was waiting until Father's Day.
When my husband opened it, he was so excited. He had slept in many hammocks over the years and he was amazed
at the quality of your product. There aren't words to describe how terrific this hammock is. I have no clue why they invented
beds, when hammocks are so much more comfortable. We plan on getting several more in the near future
Thanks Tom! I appreciate the great service you have provided and will definitely recommend Seaside Hammocks to everyone
that asks me where I got that awesome hammock that I will have in my backyard. :)
 All the best,
Ivanette Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the hammock. I recently ordered the Tommy XX Grande. The hammock is wonderful.
A lot of people probably don't understand that in order to sleep truly comfortably, you need the extra width to sleep diagonally
across it. I've tried to order hammocks before, but they're just not wide enough to sleep on. This one is and I'm loving it!!
Anyway, you guys are my new favorite hammock suppliers.
Thanks, Jon
Vancouver, WA Hi Tommy, I just love my hammock chair! Relaxing in it in the shade of my covered patio on a hot Texas
day is quite delightful. Thanks for a quality product at a fair price.
Round Rock, TX Tommy,
Thank you so much for your prompt service. For this reason I will be looking to deal more with your company.
It seems your company philosophy is similar to mine. Treat the customer as I want to be treated.
Texas Hello,
I just get the package today. I am very happy about the quality of it. Anyway thank you for your job.
Merci et bon courage... et bonne sieste....
France Just wanted to drop a line and tell you thanks for great service and a great product. Both are great.It is greatly appreciated and
I will tell others.
Thanks again,
T Just have to comment that I love your web site and philosophy.  I too have spent many hours in hammock research but haven't
been smart enough to make a living from it!  I lived in South and Central America for years and became addicted.  I now live in
New Mexico and have a permanent "hammock room" inside as well as two hammocks outside (front and back) in the summer.
My hammocks that I bought in the Yucatan disintegrated and I have tried to purchase others of the same quality to no avail. 
I was very nervous about buying on the web until I saw your site and knew this was someone who appreciates the quality
differences in the Mayan hammocks.
New Mexico Tom -
THANK YOU so much - they were perfect - You were right, my wife LOVED them! The colors were just what she wanted.
We loved them so much I'd like 2 more (the same as last order).  
Again, thanks!
Don I just received my order and could not be more pleased or happier. The hammocks are to replace a lively colored cotton one
I purchased during a fishing trip in Belize and which deteriated due to the salt/humidity of Corpus Christi. I had ordered a
tropical theme color scheme on a poly two-fer and received a multi-colored hammock as your choice. Thank you for reading
between the lines and rewarding me with a festively colored second hammock.
Texas   Thanks for your help. This is the most user friendly site I've come across! I'll send anyone looking for a hammock to you in a
heart beat. And, love your motto ~~ Love life, Live balanced. We'd all do a lot better going that route!
Penny K
Hi Tom,
I just had faith in your vibe and went ahead with it.. thanks so much for your advice!   
Your nettings and hammock will be much enjoyed in the hills of Jamaica.
Sandy M
Hi Tommy, Got my hammock and it is just BEAUTIFUL! I lost my first one in a flood and was very upset.
Thank you and as always, it's a pleasure doing business with you! Sincerely, Fawnie, Illinois
Dear Tom,
I told Kim today when she called to report on the status of my order, that your message made me so glad I had ordered from you..
It made me laugh out loud on a day when it has been challenging to love life and live balanced.  I expect that we'll receive as much
joy from using our new hammock since there is so much good energy in it.
Best to you.
Mary Ann K

My Mayan Crochet hammock arrived yesterday and I had the opportunity to sleep in it last night;  and I am sad to report there is some bad news.
The bad news isn't for you or for me;  it's for companies that make conventional beds and the bad news is that I'll never be able to sleep in one again.
Tommy, I think last night I enjoyed the best nights sleep I've ever had.  The better I sleep the earlier I wake up.  When I sleep in my waterbed I toss
and turn and usually wake up around 7:30.  When I sleep in my Brazilian hammock I naturally wake up around 6 or 6:30.  This morning I woke at
5:15 and was very well rested.
I love the feel of this hammock and how it so open and lets the air flow around me.
Stefan P

My husband decided that he wanted a hammock as a bed so I got online and started searching. There are a lot of hammock sites out there,
but this one was the easiest to navigate, has the most information and such a friendly feel. So I did what I do best, I questioned and then
hit that send button and prepared for the long wait. To my surprise I was answered immediately! All my questions were answered
(yes there was a new onslaught after the first wave) in a fast friendly manner. Ordering was a breeze and then I was prepared to wait again.
Shipping to Alaska can at times take forever, so imagine my surprise when it arrived less than a week later! Now we plan on buying at least 3 more,
and of course getting rid of the couch and getting a few hammock chairs, and I would not think even for a moment of shopping elsewhere!
Seaside Hammocks is marvelous and I give them all the rating stars allowed and then some!
Lisa G.
Tommy, I got the skeeter net last week. It's beautiful- best night's sleep I've had in quite a while. Thank you! - Jumper Thank you so much for picking out extraordinarily interesting and beautiful hammocks for my two friends! That was so sweet of you!
You have exceeded my expectations already! I'm so excited to give these vibrant masterpieces to my friends!
I've never had so much fun ordering something online. You must love your job! Great vibes!
I have a feeling I will be buying hammocks from you for the rest of my life!
Thanks again!
Elissa O

Tom, Thank you so much for the hand-picked hammock. The colors are just what I had in mind, and the hammock is soooooooooo
nice to rest in. The whole family is enjoying it very much. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate the great service.
Daphne H
New York

HI there Tom,
I got a wonderful surprise in the mail - My BLACK king size Mayan Hammock!!   Just like you promised.
It is wonderful...Jason loved the color this time around. We have lots of visitors at our home and everyone loves it
and asks where I purchased it from.  I am so pleased with the purchase, So - Thank you for the wonderful service! 
Take Care and Stay cool down there in FL.  
3-5 more inches of SNOW expected today in @WI...
Thanks again,

Our order from you arrived today, and it contained the most awesome hammock we've ever seen! We now have 4 hammocks,
but the one from you, by far, stands out from all the others as the most unique and beautiful.
Much mahalo,
Gayle C


Hi Tommy! Thank you so much for helping me get the hammock I really wanted!! It arrived this week and already it is up and
getting lots of complements. I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship and I can say that it's the most comfortable hammock
I have ever used. I'm so glad I decided to replace my old LLBean Rope with one of yours!!! I appreciate the information page on use and care, also.
Thanks again for helping more of us to learn to relax and realize what's important...mine will be very well appreciated, I assure you
Donna G

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for your quick reply and explanation of the particulars of my order.  I also appreciate your attention
to having my hammock drop shipped from the manufacturer instead of simply saying it was "backordered" or something similar.
I did receive the hammock yesterday and it appears to be exactly what I had hoped it would be....Thank you again for your attention to this matter.
I am very happy with the quality of the item and the customer service and I will gladly do business with your company in the future.
Kristen F

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Hammock you sent us, that I ordered for my husband for Father's Day! He loves it!
He spent the afternoon relaxing in it, with a beer and a good book just chillin'!! I wish you could have seen my son and
I trying to get it set up with the Madera stand...it was hysterical! We didn't get the stake in deep enough the first time,
and when the two of us got into the hammock, it came crashing down! Ha ha! Nobody got hurt though...All in all, we are very happy with the package!
Thanks for everything,
Corinne A
New York

HI Tom,
Yes, I have just received it this morning. Excellent hammock! I just hope that the strings will not burst and it will be able to last.
Thanks for the excellent service too. I will surely recommend it to my friends if it is tested durable.
Best Regards
Your company is awesome!!! I ordered a Mayan hammock mid-day Wednesday and it arrived last night.
I am impressed, amazed and stunned. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful Christmas surprise.
I had not looked at your holiday shipping schedule so I ordered just hoping it would arrive in time
for my new son-in-law and it is here. I will order again from you (another son-in-law, a son,
and a husband) and I will definitely recommend your company to anyone and everyone. Thank you Thank you Thank you Have a very Merry Christmas Wendy M
Hi Tommy,
Thank you for the wonderful service, prompt emails, shippment from the Yucatan to our home. My granddaughter
opened the package, and the smile has not left her face for the past hour and a half. The hammock is simply
beautiful, what a nice item. Especially for a girl's birthday present.
Thank you again, I have enjoyed this transaction very much.
Best regards,

Dear Tom, Thank you for so carefully tracking this order. I picked it up and the hammocks are just what I wanted.
Several more orders should be coming from Alaska as a result.. I gave them your website as a resource since friends
and family liked the hammocks I purchased. One is for my "tropical" guest room, the other is a birthday gift for my sister...
she needs a hammock in her living room.

Again, thanks for your customer service. It was refreshing and appreciated.
Sheri M

Hi Tom!
Hammocks did arrive the afternoon of December 24 and thank you so very much.
They are just perfect and beautiful and everything I dreamed they would be!!!
Again, thank you so much for your help and for the wonderful hammocks.
Can you send some Florida weather so we can use them sooner?
Have a safe and wonderful New Year,
Robin A

thanks so much for the two beautiful rainbow hammocks you sent me. We hung one up already, and I gotta say,
average productivity around our house went down considerably ;-)We tied a rope to one of the rafters so that we can rock ourselves in the hammock...
Thanks again, and have a wonderful summer,
Tanja H

Just wanted you to know, I received the hammock ok - and am so happy with it! It's really beautiful and incredibly comfortable.
Every morning when I go out to feed the horses, I spend about an hour in it, drinking my coffee , watching them eat
. Ok, I confess: I'm spending lots of time in the orchard these days...the swaying, weightlessness of it is addictive -
I've even attached a string to a nearby sapling so I can pull it and keep it moving.
This is my first hammock - and I will never be the same again, I'm afraid. I just hope I can get some painting and other
work done in between.
Thank you again - I promise to send all envious friends to your site to buy one of their own!
Beverley A
New Mexico

We received our hammocks yesterday, hung them on the patio, and relaxed! Thanks to the quick shipping, shipping link to follow,
and great hammocks! Have a nice day.
Byron T


Hey Tom,
You know, I have to say, your company has the best selection of hammocks, and I am so pleased with your customer service.
It is so refreshing. I appreciate you showing me that the stand would not work. I think any other company would have shipped
it out without a second thought. So I just wanted to say, that I really appreciate it, and I thank you for helping and working with me.
Kara S

Thank you very much for two awesome hammocks! My brother and I got them up as soon as they came in and slept in them that night.
I had no idea they could be so comfortable. The colors are great and we appreciate you getting them here quickly. I'll let everyone know
seaside hammocks has the best deal on the best hammocks.
Happily Hanging,
Kevin S

Anyway your hammock is extremely comfortable, and felt very natural for me even the first time I lied on it. It is also very beautiful.
Thank-you Very much
Emil J

Hey Tom!
I totally love the hammock I got a while back. Got it hanging nice and am fighting with my wife over it on a regular basis. T
he new unit is for a friend of ours that produced our latest CD. We're full-time Christian musicians. We thought a hammock
would be a perfect thank you gift for our producer, Taylor
Dallas L

Karen H

Hi Tom,
Just wanted to say Thank you for the fast delivery. The hammock arrived on Aug.29/03
My sister was very happy with the surprise and commented on how it was perfectly packaged and presented.
She has done a lot of E-Bay sales with her antique business and has personally shipped many items and was very pleased with the hammock.
Thank you so much for your prompt attention.
Very much appreciated.
I will spread the word and will also be ordering a hammock for myself in the near future.
Best Regards
Susan S

Thank you Tom!! We love our chair ! We look forward to hanging out in them!! Your customer service is excellent.
If only all my purchases were as enjoyable as this one. (You didn't have to send the pillow but my daughter
can't wait to get it--that was really nice). If we need any more hammocks, you're our man!
Kelly O,

Just wanted to let you know I received my royal blue Mayan hammock last Monday. It was in good condition
and my family & I are really enjoying it. Thanks so much for your personal attention to everything. I
will be sure to tell my friends about Seaside Hammocks!
Nancy M

Hi, Tom!
Nice to hear from you. I have been living in the garden and basically on strike when it came to computer projects.
I can't believe I have a hammock in my garden (in England! - I LOVE the Greenhouse effect! We reached 97F
and it use to be a rare day in England, indeed, when the temps soared to anything like that. Too Hot. Even for the hammock.
I tried constructing very Arabique shade with material hanging from trees but that damn sun was just blaring through anyway.
How you guys take the heat in Florida is beyond me.
Oh, yeah.... we love the hammock. Have it hanging between a tree and a shed and it takes only 30 seconds to set up and
take down. The best idea I had in a long time!! Oh ... and Bob, our friend who bought the other hammock -has his inside his
flat as he filled his roof garden with too many plants and trees and a very large maine coon cat that he has no room for it out there.
But he raves on about the one he has and how he should get one for every room!! They took him away to the local mental holiday
camp for a few weeks and now that he has returned the word "Hammock" is muttered much less.
Hope you are doing well.
Best regards,
Gloria and Zee

Now I have to tell you I'm extremely impressed with the speed of your reply! I have never received a reply almost as soon as I sent it!
And, to top it off, it was a personalized message, answering all my questions, and not just a form letter! Thank you SO MUCH!
Nancy M

thank you very much...of the five companies i emailed to, you are the only one that responded. i  am ordering from you - thank you once again 
Hi Tommy.  Just wanted to let you know that I received it and my Dad loved it!!! Just loved it. A late fathers day gift but nonetheless wonderful..........
 I like it so much too I am going to save my pennies (out of work right now) and get myself one someday.  Thanks.

Thank you very much for your personal attention and its refreshing to find these days on the internet...We are looking forward to using this wonderful hammock...
The only hard part was deciding on which of your lovely hammocks to choose from...Thanks Again and im sure we will love it...
Mari N

Glad Steven Weigert introduced us in your store the other day. I've cruised your website a bit. Congratulations.
Here's a good hammock story. Thirty years ago I was in the Yucatan. Tired of climbing Mayan ruins, I took a break on the island of Isla Mujeres.
For $.50 per night, I found "Las Hammockas" - a barn with perhaps 50 hammocks hanging. But since I was on my honeymoon, I opted for elsewhere.
I returned to the lake region of Northern Wisconsin U.S. with a couple Mayan hammocks. I like the hammock in the winter.
It greets you with that warm smile ... even when covered with snow. It must be that hammock state of mind ... and I still 'feel' that music playing in your store.

message: Tom, the big red Family Size hammock you sent up to Greensboro, N.C. for my brother's Christmas present was well received.
He and his wife loved the color, as did my wife. I haven't seen it yet, but apparently your choice of pillow colors was spot on also.
Rob W

Hi Tommy!
I received the 3 gorgeous hammocks I ordered yesterday, this afternoon, and am very happy with them.
I'm looking forward to trying them out as soon as the stands come in.
I have back problems and haven't slept soundly in a bed for years, I believe your beautiful hammock will help.
I ordered your special two king size Mayan hammocks, I chose purple, and you chose the other color, a lovely multi-striped,
which I am sending to my daughter in California. The other hammock I ordered is for my youngest daughter and she loves it!
I will gladly recommend and do more business with you in the future. In fact, I can think of no better birthday or Christmas
gifts than your hammocks and other products.
Thank you so much for your fine selection and your superb service.
Patti I

An incident that happened recently has brought home to me that no matter how hard we try, we don't make everyone happy
all the time. It is my intention to describe the products honestly and with the enthusiasm I actually feel for them, so that when
you receive them they are what you expect. We try to follow your shipping instructions exactly, and are happy to include the l
ittle personal notes you sometimes ask for. But sometimes we screw up. Things go wrong, and misunderstandings occur. When that happens I, Tom Sloane, the owner of this company, do everything I can to make it right. Sometimes even that is not
enough; and those customers do not send a glowing testimonial (or even anything I can print on a family oriented web site).
When that happens, I do my best to improve our operation so it does not happen again. Because it is my sincere desire to give
you the best and most humanly accountable service on the Internet. Thank you for being here.
Tom S

All I can say is, Tom. . . you are greatest!!
It was a pleasure to deal with you.

Best Wishes,




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