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Hammock Needs

Hammocks: Figuring Out What Fits Your Needs!



We love things which make us feel like we're defying gravity. Take, for example, those houses at amusement parks where the spinning motion pins you to the wall as the floor drops out. Or waterbeds; the swishy sensation feels akin to floating around on a cloud. Which helps explain the appeal of hammocks. While there is a certain sturdiness to laying in a hammock, the swaying motion and give of the fabric when you shift around highlights the fact that you're suspended above the ground.


Two popular styles of hammock are Mayan hammocks and Brazilian hammocks. Both choices are good. Depending on your needs, however, each has its own unique construction features.


Outdoor Use

The classic image of a hammock is outdoors, spread between two trees, with someone reading a book in the sun. A Mayan hammock is good for outdoor use, although recognize that no hammock, Mayan or otherwise, is going to hold up as long when exposed to the elements. With that caveat in place, though, the Mayan hammock is a comfortable relaxation device.


While you can use a Brazilian hammock outdoors, it is often used as a bed and, as such, its placement should be determined more by where you want to sleep.

Temperature Expectations

The material and type of weave used for the hammock is one of the major determining factors in how a hammock handles temperature. The cross woven fabric of the Brazilian hammock is much better at retaining heat—it doesn't allow much ventilation.


On the flip side, the Mayan hammock utilizes woven webbing which is very breathable. Yet it is still stable, even though on first blush it might look weak. The ventilating abilities of the Mayan allows body heat to escape, rather than getting trapped in with the user, unlike the Brazilian.



While the North American expectation for a hammock is that of a relaxation device, many people—especially in South America—use a hammock as their bed. There are two basic methods of sleeping in a hammock—long ways and width ways. For a width ways utilization of a hammock, make sure it is wide enough to be comfortable. Typically the Brazilian hammock is wider, although either can be used for the typical long ways method.



As epic as the picture of a hammock sprawled between two trees is, it is hardly a realistic method of setting up a hammock for many people. Either they lack the trees, or they want to use their hammock indoors. A Mayan hammock stand or a Brazilian hammock stand is a sturdy structure which will support the hammock. Brazilian or Mayan hammock stands are often made out of metal, though wooden varieties are also available.


Buying a Brazilian or Mayan hammock with stand makes the most sense if you're planning on outdoor use—most people either won't have the room indoors for a full stand, or don't think the aesthetic would fit their home. Luckily, you can secure a hammock indoors with eye bolts on walls or support posts. Just be sure to choose a location that will support the weight of a person.


Hammock Chairs

Sitting in a regular hammock isn't impossible, but it can be a bit tricky. A Mayan hammock chair or Brazilian hammock chair solves that conundrum quite simply. Where a regular hammock is hung with the ends spread far apart, the chair brings them up and close together, creating a swing-like appearance. This allows easy sitting. Cushions can be added for back support and a more snuggly function.


As you can see, both styles offer advantages. And you don't even have to go to South American to purchase either. You can find Mayan hammocks for sale through online retailers. To find Brazilian hammocks at wholesale prices and Mayan hammocks at wholesale prices, search around—deals abound!


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