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Hammocks from Brazil

The majority of Brazilian hammocks at Seaside Hammocks are produced in Ceará, which is located in the northeastern part of Brazil, famous for its beautiful coastline, deserted beaches, and warm climate. It is one of the largest Brazilian States by population and by area. It is also one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil. The state capital is the city of Fortaleza. Long before the Portuguese landed on their shores in the 15th century, Brazilians used hammocks not only for sleeping, but also for the transportation of goods. Fruits, vegetables, and even the occasional chicken can be bagged up in a hammock and carried where necessary. Today hammocks and cotton goods represent a significant portion of the area’s exports.

Many people of northeastern Brazil still prefer to sleep in hammocks, whereas throughout the rest of the country they serve a primarily decorative function, that also offer enviable relaxation. Because they are designed for sleeping, special care is taken to produce the highest quality possible. Typically the hammock's main body is woven on a loom, which may be a traditional hand loom, or the more modern mechanical loom. Some may use pedal looms known as mucamba. However loomed, by hand or mechanically, the final product is a cross woven textile product similar to canvas. The textile can be of varying degrees of thickness, coarseness or finesse, but the softness inherent in cotton gives a comfortable sleeping platform.

 After the hammock bed is woven the work is generally given to the women of the area to complete. Edges are sewn by hand. Beautiful crochet borders are created by hand and added. And the support harness completes the assignment. The women frequently work from home while caring for the children and household. Many of the women teach their hammock making techniques to their daughters and granddaughters, thus ensuring the hammock-making tradition is kept alive. This tradition is not always easy to keep alive because of competition with the artifacts of modern life and living.

So long as a market for hammocks and hammock exporting continues, there is strong financial incentive for the younger generation to keep up the good work. To see the best of this good work visit Brazilian Hammocks at Seaside Hammocks.

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 Brazilian Sun 

Belem Sun

Brazilian Summer

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Mocha Barbados
   Paradiso            Foro Dance

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Icarai Rainbow
           Ipanema Wine
  Paradiso Orange

Old Mother." That is what denizens of the Amazon call their hammocks: As in our first unremembered memories, mae velha enfolds us in comforting arms, besides protecting us from scorpions, mists, and serpents that meander along the ground. The hammock accompanies us like a bed never could through our whole existence. Born in the jungle by the shore of a river, the newborn sleeps his first sleep in the hammock as his grandfather will sleep his last. Then as is our ancient custom, we bury the dead lying down in their own hammock. We are born, we live, we love, we die in the hammock, and then our friends carry us to the boneyard in mae velha to rest up till Judgement Day.--James J. Bogan


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          Barbados Sunset
                   Elite Naturale
                Maritime Brazil

Tropical Day Hammock

           Tropical Day




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