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Important knots

Shown Below are various knots and hitches used in installing hammocks.

This knot protects the hammock eye and forms an excellent connection.

For use with a single support rope, another variation.

To attach a hammock line to a post or tree trunk.

To attach line to hammock using the closed loop system with the installation kit.  Step one is to insert the loop in the rope through the eye of the hammock.

The second step is to insert the loop back through itself and pull snug.  This allows you to attach the hammock to the line without any further knots.

Process to Close loop with Fisherman's Knot

1. Form a loop with one rope piece and place the rope ends in your hand with ends facing in opposite directions to begin tying process. You will tie one knot in one direction and then turn it around and tie a second in the same manner.
2. Tie the first of two half-hitches with at least 1" of tail-end and then turn the ropes around and tie a second half-hitch in the same manner. This assures that the two knots nest together well.
3. Pull the assembly tight and to insure full seating of knots. Make sure there is at least 1" of tail on each knot. The tighter the ropes are pulled, the tighter is the resulting knot.



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