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Mayan Hammocks as Primary Sleep System

Mayan Hammocks as Primary Sleep System

Author: Chris Shields

Regarding the use of the open-sprang, hand-woven Mayan Hammock as the primary Sleep System

Special Note:  The use of spreader bars in Hammock construction creates an unstable platform
Spreader bar Hammocks are only suitable for sunbathing and are not suitable for use as a primary form of Bedding.  Mayan Hammocks do not incorporate the use of spreader bars and are very stable

01]  Mayan hammocks are inherently soft and Comfortable, conforming to the contours of each body individually.
02]  Mayan Hammocks Support the body equally, creating a sensation of near weightlessness.
03]  Suspended from two points, the Mayan Hammock is essentially a swing.  This swaying motion stimulates the vestibules of the inner ear, promoting a Relaxation Response, encouraging Cognitive Awareness and triggering Lucid Dream States.
04]  The combined effects of comfort, support, near weightlessness and gentle swaying calm the nervous system, particularly helpful for those   people with Sensory Integration Disorders such as Autism, ADD and ADHD.
05]  The swaying motion acts an external pumping mechanism, increasing the rate of flow within the Lymphatic System.
06]  Mayan Hammocks are Aesthetically pleasing to behold.
07]  The open-sprang weave of the Mayan Hammock, and one-dimensional design make Cleaning simple and easy, and the Hammock dries rapidly in the breeze.  They can be hand or machine laundered.
08]  Mayan Hammocks are Fun to experience.
09]  Mayan Hammocks remove the occupant from most invasive, ground dwelling pests.
10]  Mayan Hammocks accumulate little to no dust, debris or sloughing skin cells and they permit invasive pests to fall to the floor, through the open weave.
11]  Mayan Hammocks are Versatile, presenting almost unlimited options for installation.
12]  The versatility extends to folding within the expandable fabric, many patterns can be arranged by the occupant, creating a visual and textural delight.
13]  Mayan Hammocks are lightweight, yet can hold hundreds of pounds, even thousands of pounds.
14]  Mayan Hammocks are inherently stable, with a low center of gravity; they do not tip or expel the occupant.
15]  It is virtually impossible to fall out of the Mayan Hammock, as the side knitting creates a bathtub shape.
16]  Mayan Hammocks are Inexpensive, available for less than a day's wages, and properly cared for, last upwards of a decade.
17]  Mayan Hammocks are Cool in the heat of summer, and sufficiently warm in winter.  External heat sources are felt immediately, they have no mass to pre-heat.
18]  Mayan Hammocks can be stacked one over the other in bunk bed fashion, allowing a single room to sleep multiple occupants, each in their own Hammock.
19]  Mayan Hammocks are Spacious, the expandable weave permits multiple occupants in a single Hammock, entire families can fit in a single Hammock.
20]  Mayan Hammocks are Hand Made, Fair Traded and support village communities.
21]  Mayan Hammocks are Sustainable, providing a natural fiber for contact against the skin.  They contain no toxic chemicals and require no Flame Retardants.
22]  Infants can crib/nest in Mayan Hammocks, and relieve themselves through the easily cleaned open weave.  There is no cause for overt  reaction upon bed-wetting, reducing emotional stress.
23]  Mayan Hammocks are easily transported.  A person can bring their own Hammock with them on vacations and outdoor ventures.
24]  Mayan Hammocks are Modular; they can be easily removed to increase living space while not occupied.
25]  Infants cannot suffocate in a Mayan Hammock.
26]  SIDS is at a reduced level of possibility in a Mayan Hammock, as the occupant naturally assumes a Fetal Position for sleeping, and is prevented from Prone positioning (SIDS is linked to low Vitamin C blood levels, but sleep position plays a role).
27]  Mayan Hammocks are Mathematically intriguing, illustrating both Origami based folding principles and String Theory.
28]  Mayan Hammocks preclude the need for pillow or blanket (in warmer months), as the fabric of the Hammock itself serves as both pillow and blanket.
29]  Mayan Hammocks can be installed with springs at the terminal ends, providing additional range of motion and increasing the Therapeutic benefits, Cognitive Awareness, Lucid Dream State and Relaxation Response.
30]  Mayan Hammocks can be Counter-weighted at the terminal ends, facilitating the Modular component.  Upon exiting the Hammock, it will rise up and out of the way, increasing floor space.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the above treatise are those of its author.  Seaside Hammocks makes no claims regarding cognitive response, lucid dream states, Sensory Integration Disorders such as Autism, ADD and ADHD, the prevention of SIDS, or any other medical or psychiatric benefits of the use of Mayan hammocks.


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