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Mayan Hammocks
Weaving the Deluxe MayanThe Mayan Hammock of Mexico is a light, sprang woven webbing that opens effortlessly to accommodate the user. It is woven of thin strings, yet can hold up to a thousand pounds. Pound for pound, and dollar for dollar, it is the best comfort value available in the hammock market place (or any other, for that matter.) The thousands of yards of string form tiny cells that support the body in effortless bliss. Because of its construction, it holds no body heat, making it ideal for relaxing on a hot summer day, or for sleeping through a warm summer night. In fact, sleeping in such a hammock can eliminate or reduce the need for air conditioning at night in hot humid climates.
Mayan HammockIn Central and South America millions of people sleep in hammocks. A few hours in a Mexican Mayan hammock can easily show you why. The back support and comfort in a Mayan Hammock is superior to that of most beds. Even good beds can cause congestion at pressure points, which causes tossing, turning, and stiffness. In the more supportive environment of a Mexican hammock one tends to sleep without moving, gently rocked and cooled by this wonderful device. People frequently ask if sleeping in a hammock will give you a back ache. I understand the question, being a back pain sufferer myself. The support structure of the Mayan hammock not only minimizes back pain, it is actually therapeutic. The back pain question comes mostly, I think, from people whose only experiences with a hammock are with the devices of torture frequently peddled at giant discount marts and warehouse stores. These devices give hammocks a bad name! See Hammocks as Beds
Mayan Double HammockIn choosing a Mayan Hammock there are two decisions to make, fabric and size. Let us deal with fabric first. Although historically, the hammock has been woven of many different fibers, today's all cotton bed produces the softest and most comfortable bed ever. In our all-cotton hammocks the suspension strings are nylon for greatest strength and durability. Like all- cotton clothing or bed sheets the cotton hammock provides maximum breathing and softness. It can be likened to sleeping on a soft mattress. The classic Mayan Cotton hammocks hold amazing weight, but can be damaged by inadvertent usage, as the thin strings are easily snagged. We offer a thick string version that stands up better to the kids and the family dog (if any), while still retaining the comfort virtues of cotton. It is ideal for an indoor usage and fine for outdoor use also. If used outdoors it should be taken inside in inclement weather to prolong its life.

Nylon Hammocks have traditionally been more firm in texture due to the hardness of the nylon filament, and incredibly strong. Today's nylon hammocks are actually not nylon, but polypropylene, which is a softer and more comfortable fiber. It retains the strength of nylon, and approaches the comfort of cotton. In the Yucatan, these hammocks are becoming preferred over the cotton because they don't mildew in the high humidity. They are, however, more susceptible to UV damage, and hence are not recommended for full sun environments. The colors of the nylon hammock are much more vibrant, and resist fading better than the cotton. We offer also a Deluxe Nylon in #24 gauge cord that is both extremely comfortable and long lasting.
Mayan King HammockThe sizing of our Mayan hammocks follows certain traditional definitions. The "single" is the smallest size, opening out to about a five foot width. It is suitable for day use for almost anyone, and night use for children. Because of its light weight it is also useful on a camping trip in the woods. The next size up is the double which expands to about six feet in width. It is comfortable for day use for almost anyone and night use for children or small adults. This is also the ideal hammock for camping, because while slightly heavier than the single, it is still very light, and more comfortable for most people after a long day in the woods than the single,. When we arrive at the queen size, traditionally called the "matrimonial", we are in the luxury sizing category. This size can comfortably hold two people (hence the name), and is wonderfully luxurious for one. It opens out to seven feet or more, and is a strongly recommended size for overnight use or comfortable relaxation. The next size is the king sized or "family', which for day use can accommodate up to ten people, and is the hammock of choice for the "big and tall" sleeper. It opens out to eight feet. The "jumbo" opening out to ten feet or more is simply enormous and can sleep two large people in amazing comfort.

In the Mayan hammock the significant sizing dimension is the width. The most comfortable position for sleep is diagonally across the hammock, although athwart ship or free form positioning can be wonderful. The diagonal gives the most level and back supportive posture.

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