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Mosquito Netting and Canopies

Bed mosquito nets can protect you from mosquitoes in any climate or location. There are many different designs available. Whether you are sleeping in a single bed, a king size bed, a bunk bed, a hammock, or a sleeping bag, there are designs made just for you. Explore your options and the benefits that each net has to offer here at Seaside Hammocks. See Mosquito Nets.

Bed mosquito nets are enormously helpful for protecting yourself from diseases that mosquitoes may be carrying. In fact, bed mosquito netting has been known to save lives. Using netting can considerably reduce the risk of getting malaria, the West Nile virus, or other diseases. Over 500 million people are infected with mosquito-borne illnesses each year. By taking the time to set up a mosquito net, you could save yourself from this misfortune.

A great multi-functional design for bed mosquito nets is the Ready Net single point mosquito net. This net is eight feet tall and hangs from a single hanging point. It does not have any openings and it can be tucked under any size mattress for superior protection. It also has a stylish appearance, with its shimmering white nylon draping.

If you are sleeping or resting on one of our hammocks, the MexiNet is an economical choice for keeping insects away. This mosquito net is lightweight and made from 100 percent nylon. It has an opening at the bottom for easy access and long draping sides so that there are no gaps between the netting and the ground. If you would rather have a mosquito net that is completely enclosed, consider the Nica Hammock Net instead. See Mosquito Nets.

Canopy mosquito nets can be ideal for camping trips in the wilderness or even outings in your backyard. You can choose from many different types of netting designs. Some are made to be used while you are sleeping. Enclosed netting areas or umbrella nets can also be used while you are enjoying your time outdoors. Choose from any of our fantastic canopy mosquito nets here at Seaside Hammocks. See Mosquito Nets.

The Gazebo Mosquito Net allows you to turn an outside area into an enclosed room. These nets are perfect while you are eating outdoors or watching an outdoor sporting event. You can place Gazebo Mosquito Nets over gazebos or umbrellas and secure the bottom sleeves by filling them with some water. This design also features a zippered door for easy access.

Many canopy mosquito nets are designed for protection while you are sleeping. If you are sleeping on a bed, you can choose from decorative or functional styles. Decorative styles are also functional, of course, but they have an opening for getting in and out. This opening can be pulled shut, but the closure is not quite as secure as a net without an opening at all.

Indeed, functional styles do not have openings for this reason, and as such, you have to lift them up and place them over you to get under them. When you are sleeping outdoors, you can choose from net styles to cover sleeping bags or hammocks. Choose from any of our superb canopy mosquito nets here at Seaside Hammocks, and you will not be disappointed. See Mosquito Nets.


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