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New Additions

New This Spring


As usual, it has been a busy winter and spring here at Seaside Hammocks, as we develop new lines of hammocks, tweak and improve older lines, and continue bring the best hammocks possible to our customers.  Building on the popularity of the all weather hammocks we brought last year we have added some new ones.  In the King Size Deluxe line we have added a beautiful white polyester cord hammock.  Using the same white cording we have added two more hammocks to the popular LaPlaya Blanca line, both of them, at 55" bar and hammock width, create a nice two person hammock for use in conventional hammock stands, or of course, between any appropriate trees or posts.  One has fringe, one does not.  Both are 12 1/2 feet total length for easy placement.

On the heavy cord Mayan Deluxe King we are adding a beautiful model with hand crochet fringe.  Same great comfort, much more eye appeal!

Other great fringe hammock include a new improved Deluxe Bar hammock with the 55" bar and same beautiful fringe as the Mayan Deluxe King.  An for those dreaming of royalty we have produced a vastly improved Royal Wedding Hammock.  This hammock has an improved Mayan weave, again the 55" bar, and the uniquely beautiful Royal fringe.

For further updates and more products, check out our Blog!


Over the last several years we have added significantly improved Mayan hammocks in the Tommy Hamaca line.  This year will be no exception.  We are excited to add several models of All Weather 100% True Nylon Mayan hammocks to our pages and to your back yards. One of the perennial issues with outdoor hammocks is that if they are comfortable they don't last, and if they last they are not comfortable.  We already have hammocks that are good for shady places and hammocks that are great in the sun.  This year we are adding Tommy Hamaca True Nylon, which will give pleasure in all environments.

Another product we are very thrilled to bring to your attention is a wooden arc stand, which at 13 feet long and 5'3" high will support Mayan and long Brazilian hammocks.  Usually the engineering demands placed on this type stand have ensured that they will be downsized to take only 12 Brazilian or spreader bar hammocks.  Not any more!  Look for our Scandinavian spruce (Norwegian Wood) arc stand to be available by mid February, if the boat gets in on time!

We will also revisit San Jacinto, Colombia for some of the world's most beautiful hand woven fabric hammocks. We used to love to sell these gems, but it became too dangerous for our agent to go and collect them.  This year we are sending in a posse, and will be offering these sumptuous hammocks for sale again.

And, last but not least, we will be offering a new line of hammocks and swinging supports for babies and toddlers.  So get ready and stay tuned!  It is going to be a great year.


The Winter buying season was excellent this year!  Our dusty travelers are back, and boatloads of new and beautiful hammocks are on the way.  Take a sneak peak at the new lines at the Coming Attractions page.  There is a beautiful world south of the Rio Grande, and we have brought some really nice bits back.



For those of you using conventional hammock stands, and who may prefer the spreader bar style hammock, we have added some wonderful new "made in America" inventory from the Algoma company.  Beautifully patterned polyester hammocks and comfortable pillow hammocks can really jazz up your pool or patio this summer.  So give them a look!

Since the Mayan calendar famously discontinues this year, 2012, I thought it prudent to venture farther afield for this year's new offerings, and, wow, did we get lucky!  Deep in the eastern Bolivian jungle, past piranha invested rivers, traveling along donkey trails to the village of Salvatierra, located between somewhere and nowhere, two intrepid Peace Corps volunteers fell in love with the people and crafts of the indigenous people.  The result of this labor of love was the introduction to the outside world of hand crafted hammocks, woven from the fiber up by women of the village, in what is a long tradition of weaving excellence.  These Guarayos Hammocks , which we have the privilege of offering you are absolutely incredible in detail, quality, and overall beauty. 

Four years ago we were excited to introduce some remarkable new products.  Heading the list is the Tommy Hamaca OSO Mayan Hammock.  These hammocks continue the long Mayan tradition of unsurpassed comfort, while adding a tremendous degree of durability.  By using cotton cording of the same gauge but seven times the bursting strength of the classic Mayan hammock cord we have built a hammock that resists snags and breaking to a remarkable extent.  This mercerized cording is more brilliantly colored--dyed all the way through to resist fading.  The weave on these hammocks is tighter than that of the classic Mayan, but not quite so tight as the Crochet.  We have also given this hammock true Nylon suspension, which does not degrade under UV radiation the way the more commonly used polypropylene can.  All in all we feel that this hammock offers true value;  and it is available only at Seaside Hammocks.  For a fuller explanation of this hammock please visit the Tommy Hamaca Cotton hammock page.

This year, right now, I am stoked by the amazing quality and beauty of the Tommy Hamacas that have just arrived.  We have been stocking them in all week;  and the colors and weave quality is so extraordinary that I can hardly sleep.  I added a new color designation to our list, Tropical Exuberance.  That is the closest I can come to doing these amazing hammocks justice.

Wow! That is all I can say right now as we have gotten shipments of some great new hammocks in the last few days. For our Mayan Hammock aficionados we have a great new stock of the finest woven cotton Mayans anywhere, available in beautiful colors and patterns. Even more amazing is that the search for a truly comfortable Nylon Mayan just ended with these vibrantly colorful and Comfortable Yucatecan Nylon hammocks. For those looking for a really comfortable hammock that they can leave out in the elements or that can take the humidity and salt air, these are the hammocks you want. For the connoisseur we have just added to our lineup the finest Mayan hammock made, the Crochet. I realize that is a strong statement, but it is one born out in reality. The Crochet is made from a special thin and soft treated cotton that far exceeds the traditional hammock cord in all categories. Then the weave itself is three times as dense and tight as the traditional Mayan weave. The result is a hammock of unparalleled softness, strength, and longevity. These are expensive hammocks, but offer a lifetime of incredible (indoor) comfort. Check them out!

OSO Tommy Hammaca Mayan hammock
OSO Tommy Hamaca Mayan Hammock
Sea foam crochet hammock with Lady Hamaca and Spirit the Cat
Mayan Crochet Hammock

While I am still on the subject of the Mayan hammocks, our new Yucatecan hammocks, are the most comfortable nylon hammocks I have ever tried. Using suspension tuning techniques, our Mexican partner has brought nylon to nearly the comfort level of cotton. Notice that I said "nearly". For comfortable hammocks, cotton is still king!

Serendipity! Life's reward for good behavior. Deciding to visit Central America again, but for pleasure only this time, Partner and I took a cruise recently. First stop out of Ft. Lauderdale was Key West. Given that we live within driving distance of Key West, it was strange to arrive by ship, and even stranger that I found a source for a truly remarkable hammock at Key West Hammocks. Owner, Paul, has been working with his Nicaraguan weavers to produce the most remarkable bar hammock I have yet seen. After spending 45 minutes of my "shore leave' supine in this thing, I was reluctant to leave. Given my well known preference for the natural hamaca without bars, this is high praise indeed! Fortunately for all of us we were able to strike a deal on selling these beautiful Key West Jumbo hammocks.  The Jumbo is sized to fit in a 15'to 16' hammock stand.


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