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On the physical level then, as the Alphabiotic alignment nullifies the participant's stress response, the negative effects of imbalance are reversed. The legs become equal in length. The tense muscles on the dominant side relax, and the flaccid opposing muscles regain their tone. The participant is then able to enjoy a relaxed and balanced stance. If we can maintain this level of balance over time the deleterious effects of imbalance in the bodies systems can be restored by the inner healing wisdom.
On the mental level, equally profound changes are occurring. As we have previously mentioned, during the stress response the brain lateralizes its energy, or shifts it into the dominant hemisphere. This in itself leads to unbalanced thinking and mental response as the two different hemispheres control somewhat different thought processes. Leaving one hemisphere with increased energy decreases the functionality of the other. If, for example we are among the 90% of the population who are left brain dominant, the analytical, rational, linear sides of our minds would be emphasized over the feeling, creative, sensitive and gestalting sides of our minds. If we are locked into the right hemisphere, the reverse would be true. In either case whole brained integrated approaches become more difficult.
That would be bad enough; but it is not the whole story. Not only do we lock into the dominant hemisphere, we move out of the cerebral cortex into the limbic system, where survival mechanisms, territoriality,and other non-rational behaviors dominate. Further, our energy shifts to a part of the rear brain known as the locus coeruleus which is a localization of the fight or flight response, as well as being the repository of much of our negative programming and experience.
When our energy is located in that area our self talk is highly negative. In fact, Nobel Prize Laureate, Alexis Carrel studied the nature of our self-talk, and discovered that over 95% of it was negative. This is highly reflective of the stress states that most of us are in most of the time. In bringing participants out of that stress state Alphabiotics, therefore, enables us to be holistic in our thought patterns, less negative in our self talk, and more fully human in our mental activities.
To summarize, the ongoing stresses of our time act continually to keep us locked into inappropriate mental and physical conditions. We are bilateralized in our mental functions, and biomechanically out of balance with gravity in our physical functions. These conditions have a negative effect on our thoughts and happiness and are injurious to our health and well being. The alignment takes us out of the stress state and normalizes our body-mind relationship.


We have covered many of the things that Alphabiotics is and does. It is now time to look at a couple of things that it is not. It is not therapy; and it is not a system of medicine. Therapy can be defined as the treatment of illness or disability. It is a broad term used to identify many different healing modalities. In almost all cases therapies are used to address a specific symptomology or complaint. The techniques are used to analyze the problem and treat it in some way to effect a cure. The success of the treatment depends in large measure upon the accuracy of the diagnosis and the skill of administration. Alphabiotics relates directly and indirectly to human healing; yet it is not a therapy, addresses no symptomology, and makes no claims to heal, treat or cure anything. What we do, rather than to diagnose and treat, is to enhance your life energy by removing the blockages to the free flow of energy that are caused by your being in an inappropriate stress state. By restoring the hemispheric balance of the mind and the body's biomechanical integrity we help you liberate the innate healing energy inside you to work according to its own priorities.
The practice of medicine which is the science of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases and damage to the body and mind similarly relies of the process of diagnosis and cure. It is not my intention here to belittle the efforts of doctors or therapists, as they provide valuable and often indispensable service to the ill and injured. I do, however want to make the point that health is an internal affair, a homeostasis that tends to decline when it is subject to external control. In our modern medicalized society people tend evermore to turn outward in search of that which is truly within.
Compounding the problem is the danger of iatrogenesis or doctor caused ailments. These occur as clinical misadventure, the treatment of the wrong ailment, the incorrect treatment of the right ailment, and the ignoring of deep rooted problems in favor of symptomatic relief. It is far safer then, to maintain a state of good health than it is to allow ourselves to live in such a way that we need the intervention of doctors and therapists. Of course, I am not suggesting in any way that you should avoid treatment when it is necessary. Alphabiotics does not conflict with any therapies that you may need .
When one acknowledges that health is an internal affair, it follows that being in alignment with the healing energy of the body is the only thing that can produce true health. The purpose of Alphabiotics is not to heal, treat or cure, but rather to nurture your relationship with your own inner wisdom. Alphabiotic alignments support the process of homeostatic integrity, and only incidentally affect symptoms.


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