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Nicaraguan Hammocks
Nicamaka Couples HammockThe Nicaraguan hammock could well be considered the world's most luxurious hammock, as well as one of the most beautiful. This hammock uses the same sprang-woven style as the Mayan, but with the use of much heavier strings. This weaving style provides a heavier and more luxurious feel, the difference being somewhat akin to the difference between a luxury sedan and a responsive sports car. The Nicaraguan is a longer hammock than the Mayan, and obtains some of its luxury feel from its longer "wheel base". Although they can be stretched out to a considerable width, the double sprang weaving tends to keep them more compact in width, and gives a tremendously springy feel to the hammock. This produces a feel of instant comfort for day or night use. By day, the cautions that apply to the Mayan hammock concerning snagging do not really apply here, except for the obvious need to apply good sense in the matter of bringing sharp objects into the hammock with you. By night, or any other time, the couples or family size hammocks are The hammocks of choice for the pursuit of amour! For the newly wed, the young, and the slender, the couples hammock provides a theater of operations of sublime naughtiness. Among other things, this makes a couples Hamaca a wonderfully thoughtful and appreciated wedding gift. For older and more comfortably girthed lovers, the family sized hammock provides an unparalleled experience in marital harmony!
Nica Bed HammockThe Nicaraguan hammock that we carry is known as the Nicamaka. It is produced in Nicaragua by local artisans using specially manufactured American yarns. These yarns are superior to any available in country and are a significant reason that the Nicamaka is the premier Nicaraguan hammock. These hammocks, ornate and decorative, are becoming increasingly popular with sophisticated interior designers and savvy homemakers as graceful additions to interior spaces. While durable and lovely in an outdoors setting, they add incredible drape and softness indoors. The are wonderful, for example in the family room, where in fact, they can function as an aerial sofa.
Nica Wedding HammockThe Nicaraguan Wedding Hammock is a perennial favorite as a most thoughtful and appreciated wedding gift. It will be appreciated on the honeymoon and for years afterward. The soft sweeping beauty and sumptuous comfort of this natural colored ecru hammock are things that must be experienced to be fully believed. If there is a June bride on your gift list this year Travel Here to be remembered with gratitude for years to come!

This hammock is fabricated by hand with American made polycotton yarns, which are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

For indoor use either the cotton or poly cotton is recommended. For outdoor use, the polyester or poly cotton is recommended. The polyester yarns used in the Nicamaka are brushed to a high degree of softness, making them almost as comfortable as the cotton. As is also the case with the Mayan hammocks the man made fibers have more vibrant colors and exterior durability.

Nica Family Hammock

Single hamacas are our smallest sprang-woven hammock with crocheted coverlet borders. Ideal for dormatories, student rooms, and recreation areas.
Functions as a day bed, reading or TV chair, and social center . Bold, bright colors and yarns great for both inside and outside use.
Add a convenient Install Kit to facilitate hanging plus a bed canopy and/or a unique Pillow/Spreader-Bolster Set to complete a beautiful setting. Place attach points inside and out to expand utilization.

Our Most Popular "couple's" Hammock-Hamaca is used outdoors and indoors to suit weather and your lifestyle- beautiful, useful and comfortable furniture - great for reading, relaxing, TV and socializing.
Hand-crafted of garment-grade, polyester, polycotton or cotton yarns that are hand-twisted into soft, strong cording which is double-sprang-woven for maximum strength and comfort, this model an terrific choice for casual relaxation.
The crochet border is a beautiful and useful coverlet. The bed section is 102" long and the hook-to- hook hanging dimension is about 14'.


Nica Couples Hammock


Baby loves the hammock

Our largest Nicaraguan hammock- the Family Nicamaka�
Hand-crafted of garment-grade, polyester or polycotton yarns that are hand-twisted into soft, strong cording which is double-sprang-woven for maximum strength and comfort, this generously sized hamaca is a terrific choice for couples who enjoy having extra room or for family enjoyment.
Use your "Family" Nicamaka� at various locations inside or outside your home. Bed size is 112" long with total hanging length of 15'.


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