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Press Releases

MARCH 2014

Seaside Hammocks Unveils Stronger, Luxurious Hammocks

The relaxation geniuses at Seaside Hammocks of Lake Wales, Florida, as well as of Internet fame, have released several new products for the hammock lover.

LAKE WALES, FL, March 14, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Many of these new hammocks are thicker, stronger, larger, and more luxurious than past models. For the discerning hammock connoisseur, Seaside Hammocks' new offerings promise comfort, health, and your money's worth.

Several new hammocks are now available through Seaside Hammocks, with the Modesta leading the charge. A simple and elegant Colombian organic single hammock, the Modesta is made of organic cotton, which is neither dyed nor bleached, and the production of which requires little water or energy, making it one of the most environmentally friendly hammocks on the market today. While the Modesta is perfect for a domestic siesta, the Luxury Hamaquita now on offer brings considerable open weave comfort to a small space! Having been designed for a resort in Saint Lucia, it is the perfect lanai hammock.

For those hammock enthusiasts who like their hammocks to last, rain or shine, the Duracord Nylon Hammock is particularly resistant to direct sunlight, as well as rain. Its #24 thick nylon cording and unique style of weave provides you with the optimal amount of both comfort and durability. Regardless of the climate, you can safely leave this hammock outdoors to be enjoyed whenever you like!

If size is a factor for you, the Duracord Nylon Grande and the Tommy Hamaca Nylon Grande offer Duracord strength and durability, combined with the size you need to really stretch out! Meanwhile, back in the siesta room, the Enamorada Brazilian family-size hammock offers a similarly spacious hammock experience, though one created in hardwearing, fuzz-free, organic cotton - perfect for when your family piles in! If comfort is of special concern to you, the Mares Fuchsilais Brazilian family-size hammock uses special high-quality cotton in a diagonal, flexible weave that adheres to your body's contours and is exceptionally comfortable. For lovers of the "flat" hammock experience, the Louisiana Crocodile is a king-size hammock with spreader bars and a weatherproof, fast-drying, luxurious surface.

A hammock isn't much without something to hang it on, which is why Seaside Hammocks is proud to unveil its Norwegian Wood Arc Stand, which provides an esthetically pleasing and long lasting support for Mayan and Brazilian family-size hammocks. Crafted out of beautiful Scandinavian spruce from well-managed forests, this special stand is the perfect place to hang your hammock.

Seaside Hammocks is an online hammock and relaxation resource established in 2002. They provide the most comfortable, beautiful, and authentic hammocks online, and offer five-star customer service. As a family-run business, every customer is treated with a personal and knowledgeable touch. To find out more, please visit http://www.seasidehammocks.com

FEBĀ  2010

SeasideHammocks.com announces today a pre-season sale with special pricing now through March 15th. Seaside Hammocks offers an array of hammock products including Mayan Hammocks, Brazilian Hammocks, Hammock Chairs, Nylon Hammocks, Camping Hammocks, Bar Hammocks, Nicaraguan Hammocks, Hammock Stands, and Mosquito Netting.
SeasideHammocks.com offers an incomparable selection of the world's most comfortable and beautiful hammocks. Our hammocks provide rest, relaxation, and release from stress. The reason is that our hammocks are produced by skilled artisans using techniques perfected over centuries. We guarantee each carefully selected hammock to be the epitome of its craft, offered to you with personal attention, and at the lowest possible prices. Whether you want a hammock for camping or as the most thoughtful of Gifts, you have come to the right place for quality hammocks at competitive prices.

The world's most comfortable hammocks are now seven times stronger and four times more durable. The Tommy Hamaca line of Mayan Hammocks, exclusive to Seaside Hammocks, introduces Mercerized cotton in the bed of the hammock, and true nylon to the suspension arms. This upgrade in materials produces a true all weather hammock that provides the unmatched comfort of the Mayan style while eliminating some of the frustrating aspects of the classic Mayan hammock: snagging and breaking in the hammock bed and UV destruction of the support arms. We can also do custom colors and patterns.
It is our mission at Seaside Hammocks to elevate relaxation to a fine art and a source of spiritual renewal. We fulfill our mission by seeking out the hammocks that fulfill the Hammock Prime Directive (HPD)-to be comfortable, and, as form follow function, to be beautiful. The hammock was originally devised as a sleeping technology; and the best of today's hammocks are still places of unfettered peace and comfort. To find such hammocks we visit those locations in Central and South America where the hammock originated, and where it is still used for sleeping, as well as for restful afternoon siestas.
Due to the more expensive materials only our best weavers make these hammocks, and the supply can run low as the season progresses. Order today to get your truly comfortable daily retreat from SeasideHammocks.com

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