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The Hammock Philosophy

The hammock came into my life gently.  Sure, I have used hammocks off and on throughout my life, including my first Mayan hammock over 30 years ago.  But the idea of the hammock, and the hammock business occurred on the beach during one of life's luscious moments of unemployment and spiritual openness to the "New Idea".  How about selling hammocks?  Question from Miss Kim, floral designer extraordinaire, shimmering like a mirage on Lake Worth Beach.  Oh, wake me when this is over!  A trip to Miami is planned to see some hammocks Kim described as being so beautiful she could not get them out of her mind, ten years after first seeing them at a trade show.  I go internettin' and find those and so much more.  On July 3rd I order a Mayan King size hammock from an internet site in central Florida..  On July 5th, I fall in love, in love, and in love.  This is the greatest thing I have ever seen!  On July 7th we are in Miami looking at hammocks of the dreams of Kim.  She falls in love and in love and in love.  We have no choice.  We sign the lease on the shop in August, and open for business in September.

I have in laws and friends and relatives who are smart in "business", MA degrees from top business schools, and so forth.  These guys can make business out of anything, make stuff work, talk a language that makes my eyes glaze over.  That is not me.  To sell it, I gotta love it.  And that is why I am in the hammock business.  Things I have loved doing in my life include Singing, Dancing, Art and Theater.  And now, enter the hammock--my final stage?  One thing about this stage--no struttin' or frettin' about it!

Tom On the Colombian San Jacinto Hammock
Tom Sloane ponders life as Tommy Hamaca.  Photo by Ari Justin Rothenberg


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