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Tommy Hamaca XX Grande
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This hammock is the culmination of years of research to produce the finest hammock in the Mayan tradition. Mercerized cotton cord seven times stronger and more fade resistant than standard hammock string teams up with UV resistant True Nylon suspension arms to provide the longest lasting blast of true comfort on the market today. This hammock is so good our founder put his name on it!

This hammock averages 13 to 13 1/2 feet in total length, and requires approximately 11 to 12 feet to hang.

Body Length 2 meters (<7feet)

Body Width -approx-10 feet

It is conservatively rated to carry 800 pounds. This is the largest of all the Mayan hammocks, equivalent to the extra Jumbo, at appriximately 10 feet or more in width. For a more complete description of this hammock and its differences please visit the Tommy Hamaca Cotton Hammock page.

It has been difficult to communicate the Tommy Hamaca color choices adequately.  The problem stems from the enhanced color palette available in the Mercerized cotton and the fact that this is a low production item made by our best artisans, who are frequently artistic and self motivated.  So we get a lot of one of a kind color combinations which, by the time we photo and load them up may already be sold.  We try to keep the standards in stock: Natural, Cool Rainbow, Tequila Sunrise, Marina, Blue and Green, and tropical multicolor, along with a scattering of single colors .  We also have some specific to the Tommy Hamaca line such as Mango Passion, Coffee Cantata, and pastel stripes.

Mango Passion
Tequila Sunrise
Cool Rainbow

XX Grande's colors:
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