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Tommy Rates 'Em

Ratings for hammock comfort and aesthetics by their very nature are going to be a bit subjective, or even a lot subjective. One thing to keep in mind as you read the hammock reviews here is that no hammock is even reviewed for this site unless it qualifies to be on the site in the first place. The ratings are listed on a scale of 1-10 with ten being the best possible. Tommy currently rates the Mayan Crochet Hammock as the overall most comfortable hammock.

The Mayan style hammock has a light airy feel that many believe qualifies it to be considered the most comfortable hammock in the world. It expands effortlessly to support the user in any position. While it is very strong in its weight handling capacity, in the cotton, which is the most comfortable, snagging on buttons and belt loops can be a problem. Aesthetically it is simple and unadorned

Mayan HammockThe Mayan Cotton Hammock-
Aesthetics -----8

The Mayan Nylon Hammock- have a firmer feel than the cotton. In the new Yucatecan Nylon hammock, comfort has been upgraded, and is a closer match to the cotton.
Comfort 7
Durability 8
Aesthetics 9

The Tommy Hamaca cotton bed/nylon arms Mayan hammock offers the greatest combination of durability and comfort available.


Size recommendations:

Kids and small adults------------Standard on up
Average sized adults-------------Double on up
Big and Tall---------------------Queen sized on up
Multiple Users-------------------King sized

The Mayan style heavy cord hammocks rate 10 for comfort and durability, 8/9 for aesthetics.

Hamaca hamaca The Brazilian Hammocks we offer are hand loomed of 100% cotton, into a rich, strong bedding that combines rugged durability with extreme comfort. Brazilian families by the millions use hammocks for sleeping. Consequently these hammocks are very comfortable, extremely durable, and gorgeous. Because of their all cotton fabric construction, they are best kept out of the rain--at least if you are planning to use them.
Rope a DopeFinally a word on the most popular hammock in America, the "rope a dope". It has finally dawned on me that when a lot of nice folks are looking for a hammock they think this is what a hammock is.
How many times have I in my own innocence become excited by the sight of a rope hammock swaying invitingly under a couple of trees or in a stand on the deck of some summer resort. Then the truth hits--five minutes in, one is either sagging, being dumped out, or developing waffle-itis of the back and limbs. Not to be too cruel here, the best of the rope hammocks are not all that bad. But compared to a true hammock/hamaca they just don't rate very high. I do not offer them for sale at Seaside Hammocks because they do not accord with our true mission here, which is to elevate relaxation to a high art and source of spiritual renewal. Please forgive me.

Nicaraguan Family HammockThe Nicaraguan style hammock has a cozier and sturdier feel that the Mayan. It is preferred by many for it's solid comfort, tremendous durability, and good looks. It is longer and springier feeling than the Mayan hammock and is the interior decorator's hammock of choice.

The Nicaraguan:
Comfort 9
Durability 9
Aesthetics 10

Size recommendations:
Large adults ----------------Family
Average adults------------Couples
Kids and casual use-------Single







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