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Tommy Talks: a behind the scenes look at hammocks and the hammock business

Summer Solstice

Father's Day came and went with its usual throes of summer ecstasy; and hard on its heels the summer solstice, longest day of the year in this northern hemisphere.  My view of that is that it allows a lot more daylight hammock use.  What is the point of more sun if you can't doze right through it?  All of you that remembered dear old Dad with a hammock are probably reaping the benefit of increased peace as a result.  Happy hanging!

Father’s Day
Tough Choices!  How do you rate the significance of a holiday?  For me, Father’s day is the number one day of the year; and the reasons are not too hard to figure.  For those of you who ask why not Christmas, I have to sigh sadly.  Think it over.  First of all, Father’s day requires absolutely no effort from you, the father, in the present moment.  Can Christmas offer that?  Hardly!  Secondly, father’s day requires no expenditures on your part.  Can Christmas offer that?  I don’t think so.  Thirdly, father’s day commemorates a moment in which you pretty much did what comes naturally, and were successful at it.  Maybe that happens for you every day.  But for most of us, this is a real chance to bask in a little glory.  And fourthly, if you have trained your flock correctly, this is the day you pretty much can get honored  while still behaving in the oafish way you would like to become accustomed to.  And, fifthly, hey, it is the middle of summer; and the recreational opportunities are multitudinous!
Father’s day might include the 3 B’s-brunch, boating, and barbecue, or it might not.  Maybe breakfast, baseball and baloney is more your style.  It doesn’t matter.  It is your day; and you do it the way you like.  Never mind social pressure.  There is one thing, however, I can’t imagine Father’s day, or, for that matter, any self respecting summer day without.  And that is a hammock, whether strung between two trees in the back yard, or hanging on a shady porch to catch a gentle breeze.  Nothing says relaxation like a hammock, that masterfully designed web that holds you supine between heaven and earth, supporting your dreams and your fancies, a cradle of bliss in a somewhat wearing world.  Sometimes, the peace you find in the back yard is all you are going to find.  So make the most of it!

It may just be me! But it seems that hammock shops are springing up like mushrooms on the internet, bringing relaxation "experts" out from under every rock, experts replete with every possible kind of misinformation and misleading product descriptions. In addition to these there are also some great hammock shops, strong competitors who offer fine products at great prices, and know what they are talking about. How do you tell the difference? And does it matter? What I can provide here are some objective criteria that you can use to sort out the riff from the raff, the wheat from the chaff. This page is a "work in progress". It will be added to and modified as inspiration strikes.

The hammock business began for me in Merida, Mexico; and that is where I will begin today. Throughout the Yucatan penninsula, and surrounding areas, Mayan style hammocks are woven in homes, villages, and jails. It is a Huge cottage industry, providing support for tens of thousands of people. The hammocks are woven, primarily in the home, and picked up and delivered to hammock brokers who inspect, size, grade, package, and finally ship to shops and businesses all over the world. As in all enterprises there are big successes, struggling entrepreneurs, bad eggs, and great people, all thrown into the mix of providing relaxation to the planetary populations. Interestingly enough, almost 80% of all the Mayan hammocks come through one great brokerage in Merida. These hammocks are the Standard Mayan hammocks sold in almost every site you visit. Stripped of the hyperbole that one is pleased to encounter in the product descriptions of a myriad of web sites, they are, in the immortal words of Lenny Bruce "all the same schmuck". And they are very good hammocks. We, ourselves, have sold thousands of them, with very few complaints. But my goal is to have no complaints, especially from myself, who examines randomly selected hammocks for ongoing testing (some may call it napping, but to me it is a vital part of offering the world's best hammocks). In that regard we obtain our hammocks from a community of the best traditional weavers in the Yucatan. The result is that we are now getting hammocks with a tighter weave,  better knots, and no defects at all. We are not the biggest hammock company in the world, but we strive to be the best. Because we work directly with our weavers we can offer a better Standard hammock, and several proprietary products not available elsewhere, such as our Deluxe Nylon(polypro) and Deluxe Cotton hammocks, which are far beefier than any competing products, and the incomparable Crochet cotton hammock, which must be experienced to be believed.

Ramblings of the Hammock Man:

A hammock strung between two trees, a gentle breeze, a bit of shade. . . Sounds like an invitation to relax. Many of us only encounter hammocks on vacations, at a beach resort or during a country idyll. But when you consider the peace and stress relief a hammock can bring, why not consider one or more for your own home? Part of the key to health and happiness, after all, is taking the time each day to enjoy some peace (or trying to find some, anyway). Try a sturdy polyester or nylon hammock outside, or an unbelievably comfortable cotton hammock inside. The question might be, how do you select the one hammock that best suits your needs, or the several hammocks that can offer your whole family a mini vacation every time they come home? Following the picture links to the right, or the text links on the upper left sidebar, and at the bottom of this page will lead you to the information that will help you decide.

It is our mission at Seaside Hammocks to elevate relaxation to a fine art and a source of spiritual renewal. We fulfill our mission by seeking out the hammocks that fulfill the Hammock Prime Directive (HPD)-to be comfortable, and, as form follows function, to be beautiful. The hammock was originally devised as a sleeping technology; and the best of today's hammocks are still places of unfettered peace and comfort. To find such hammocks we visit those locations in Central and South America where the hammock originated, and where it is still used for sleeping, as well as for restful afternoon siestas. You will find them here on these pages.

 At Seaside Hammocks we made a simple but difficult choice: we carry only the world's most comfortable hammocks! Each line of hammocks that we carry is tested by Tommy Hamaca for comfort, looks, durability, and the reliability of the suppliers and weavers. Then we offer them to you at the lowest prices on the internet. So swing on by and find your perfect hang out!

It is Jan 1st, 2004, sunny and warm here in South Florida, and I am going to the beach, but first, ah! a hammock is swaying gently in the timeless invitation of love and leisure. Held by the hands of God between heaven and earth I sway gently as the breeze stirs. Today I am on vacation, vacation at home. Why would I have to go somewhere else to catch this wave of peace. It is here, now. This ancient weaving is magic, the love of hands, that blissful time/space where the cradle sighs to susurrations of the sea breezes. That last vertebrae slips into place, ah! the sweet spot. This old hammock fits like a well worn pair of jeans, faded from much sun and many washings, repaired from tears, ready to serve again, ready to rest there until I return. No worries! The beach will still be there when I am ready to stir again.

No matter where you might be today, or what the weather, a hammock hung from wall to wall or post to post will provide you with your own island of peace. Add a sun lamp or a good imagination, and you are in your own tropical respite. Life is good; your hammock awaits.

Ramblings of the Hammock Man:

It is March 1st, 2006, sunny and warm here in South Florida. Ah Spring! How I love it. This is that special time in the hammock trades when we are filling the warehouses, trying out the new products, clearing out the old. It is also that time where our main hammock tester works himself into exhaustion lying on his back taking notes for his final evaluations. People observing this difficult labor have sometimes said unkind things concerning one's work ethic, energy level, or even one's avoirdupois. If you think gravity work is easy, folks, just remember the recent Olympics!
The ultimate benefactor of all this, is, of course, you, our customers and friends who have the world's most comfortable hammocks laid out before you at Seaside Hammocks and seasidehammocks.com. Enjoy your stay!

"Ideologies separate us. Love and anguish bring us together." Eugene Ionesco

Author Tom Sloane has devoted years to the study and development of improved hammocks, and countless thousands of hours in the testing of Mayan hammocks. Visit Seaside Hammocks where your host, Tommy Hamaca, will guide you to the perfect hammock for home or garden.

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