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Alphabiotic Alignment and Corrective ChangeWHAT LIFESTYLE CHANGES DO I NEED TO MAKE ??

Since Alphabiotics is dedicated to each person living to his or her maximum energy potential, it is only natural that we encourage you to have a health giving lifestyle. While we do not promote any system of diet or another, it seems to make sense that a diet full of naturally grown fruits, vegetables and grains, and lots of pure water will have a salubrious effect. In addition, walking, moderate exercise and fresh air are hard to argue against for those who are physically able. But any lifestyle changes you make are voluntary and must accord with your own personal priorities. The work of Alphabiotic alignments is supported by the practice of meditation or other stress relieving practice. Getting a massage is a wonderful way to relax and relieve tension. It is particularly beneficial to receive a massage around the time of your alignment, either before or after.


As we have touched on briefly in this pamphlet, the process of getting back into alignment and staying there involves some readaptation of the body which has become used to functioning suboptimally. The changes that can be experienced during this time of readaptation are known as corrective changes, and can happen on several different levels. Structural changes happen slowly over time, It generally takes a month to correct a year's worth of imbalance, but it does happen. As you live balanced your posture will gradually improve as the skeletal support muscles accommodate themselves to your better symmetry.

If you have been severely tensed you may experience some discomfort in muscles that are loosening up after a long time of being overly tight. These "cricks" and areas of mild soreness are generally short lived and can be comforted by a light massage or a hot shower.
Sometimes a throbbing in the head is noticed immediately after an alignment. This is caused by the equalizing of vascular pressure. This is normal and temporary. If you experience this while you are still in the office, please mention it as we can apply an easy quick remedy.
The human body has an enormous capability to store toxins in the tissues. When work such as massage, chiropractic adjustments or Alphabiotic alignments is performed the body attempts to rid itself of these toxins by excreting them through the blood and lymph systems. This can lead in some cases to a toxic overload which can produce feelings of nausea or even flu-like symptoms. The most effective relief for this is to eat sensibly, drink plenty of pure water, and get adequate rest. These symptoms occur to the degree of supply in your toxic storehouse and the level of its cleansing that occurs. If you experience these symptoms or effects it is a sign, a very positive sign that your body is seeking to regain its optimum health. It is important to keep your alignment schedule regular to prevent reaccumulation of toxins. This is also a good indicator to take a look at your diet and exercise regimen to see if some improvements might be in order.


Another corrective change that can occur is the releasing of stored negative emotions. The mind, brain and body are intimately bound together, and things that happen on one level affect other levels. We have already discussed this in the section on the interrelationship of the various parts of the brain; and it is no less true in the physical effects of emotions. So closely is our emotional nature tied to our body that our health can be severely affected by emotional trauma such as death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job and so on. People who are hostile or frequently angry are at much greater risk for heart disease than the general population. We tend to out picture in our bodies the effects of our standing emotions. It is not surprising, therefore that when we make a commitment to live in better balance, some of these stored emotions resurface, and we find ourselves angry or sad for no particular reason. The key to weathering such emotional storms is to try to remain detached from the emotions themselves and observe your process in a loving and compassionate way. Remember that every negative emotion that you release and every discomfort that you experience as corrective change is one less that you are storing in your precious cellular archives.


You may feel wonderful as your car speeds off the abutment; but that feeling can change abruptly when you crash. Feeling good or bad then is not a valid indicator of your overall life condition. Balance and strength are. It is a tenet and core belief of Alphabiotics that "if you can exist out-of-balance, with excessive tension and selective weakness, obviously you can live better in balance with less tension and greater strength." We strongly recommend that you make regular Alphabiotic alignments a priority to bring your life back into better balance and strength.
The key to your improvement is holding the alignment. At every visit we will check your relative leg length and observe where you are holding your tension, Based on how well you hold your alignments we will suggest a schedule that will first bring you into alignment and then keep you there. When we check you we will be applying a grading scale straight from the Alphabiotic practitioners manual. I reproduce it below exactly as it appears in our source materials.


Stage One: Balanced and strong with no particular neck tension or tenderness...............................................................Ideal (100%)

Stage Two: Balanced and strong with flat, full tension and slight tenderness...............................................................Very Good(90%)

Stage Three: Balanced and strong with cordy, rope-like tension and moderate tenderness...............................................Good (80%)

Stage Four: Balanced and strong with extreme cordy, rope-like tension and great tenderness...............................................Fair (70%)

All of the above are "holding" balance and indicate degrees of improvement.

Stage Five: (Not Holding) Out-of-balance, weak, and extreme rope-like tension with great tenderness.................................Bad (0-60%)





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