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Hammocks and Hammock Chairs-your best source for Mayan Hammocks :: What stage are you in now? What stage do you want to be in?

What stage are you in now? What stage do you want to be in?

If you thought about your answers to those last two questions, you may have felt a desire to live life in a more balanced way, to have greater energy, and to experience living without the ceaseless pounding of stress. In the almost miraculous modern age we live in, in which we have created so much that would have dumbfounded even our more recent ancestors, we all too frequently have cause to realize that we have not solved all of life's challenges. As a species we find it difficult to live in peace in this world which is so abundant and capable of being so responsive to our wishes. As individuals we can easily find ourselves reacting to the outer world with its blandishments and pressures, without experiencing the inner peace we so desire.
So much has been written about the path to peace and happiness that I have little to add in the realm of philosophy or lifestyle choices. What I can offer you, however, is a means to assist you in living a balanced and whole life. If you are able to leave the physical and emotional bondages of stress and suffering, and live a more inner directed life, I believe that you will be closer to living that divine plan that is given to us as a birthright, and all too often lost in the confusion of living.
If you choose to use Alphabiotic alignments as a means to help you achieve your personal goals, I cordially invite you to start the process now, and remain with it consistently. Ten alignments taken at regular intervals are more helpful than twenty taken on a hit or miss basis. Our bodies and mind thrive with consistency, and can learn to readapt to symmetry and balance.


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