The Barrel Stave Hammock

One of Seaside Hammocks’ long time friends is a sea going bon vivant named Rob Whitehurst.  He has loved hammocks since doing tug boat duty in Viet Nam, lo these many years hence.  I would refer to him as the Ancient Mariner, except that as we are almost the same age, I am not sure what category that would put me in.  Anyway, to get to the point, Rob recently completed a hammock made of barrel staves.  I think the most time consuming part of the project was drinking the contents of the barrel.  He does plan another one, and already has the barrel staves ready.  This is the pictorial account, with one comment from Rob: “I used nylon to lace the thing but think that I will go with Dacron for the next one. There will only be one “next” one, for me, and I already have the  barrel staves for it. ”

Rob3 Rob4 Rob6 Rob7 Rob8 Rob8 Rob9 Rob10 Rob11 Rob12 Rob13 Rob14 Rob1

And a much deserved rest after a job well done!  If you have questions about the barrel stave hammock, let us know and we will forward them to the Captain!