Seaside Hammocks and the Maya Traditions

Although Seaside Hammocks makes available a wide variety of hammocks to the public, our specialty has always been the hand crafted hammocks of the Americas. Specifically, we love to work with the Mayan craftspeople of the Yucatan. We began simply by buying the hammocks and exporting them to America where we stocked them in our store and warehouse for sale to the local public and to the world via the internet. As time went by we saw the need and opportunity to meet new criteria of quality in materials and workmanship. While holding fast to the marvelous traditional weaving styles we bring updated modern materials such as mercerized cotton and dos elephantes true nylon cording, as well as pure polyester to create hammocks at the very pinnacle of quality and versatility, useful in a wide range of environments. Our successes have included the Tommy Hamaca line of mercerized cotton and nylon support hammocks which are many times stronger and more environmentally friendly and resistant to the weather than any other cotton hammock in our experience. For outside use we also developed the amazing Tommy Hamaca XX Nylon crochet which offers superb tactile pleasure and 5-10 year life expectancy in severe weather conditions.
But it is not just about the hammocks. It is also about the Maya people and their traditional culture. This culture has been under attack since the arrival of the Spaniards 500 years ago. Although the missionaries did their best to convert the Maya, the old Maya traditions still are strong, even among Mayan Christians. The weaving of the Mayan hammock is a strong and ancient tradition, but like the culture itself, it is under relentless attack by the modern world. In the poorer villages life remains traditional, but prosperity in the larger villages has brought television and internet exposure which is even now having a profound effect on the children. In one large Mayan village fully half of the working age men live in a certain town in Oregon, as (primarily) illegal immigrants. For a young Mayan it is possible over a two or three year period of 14 hour days at low wages, to send enough money back to the village to have a house built.
In the villages, other than opening a Tienda (shop) or raising cattle there is little gainful employment outside the hammock trade. Seaside Hammocks supports these villages with our business and by using Fair Trade practices to improve the life of the villagers. All Tommy Hamaca brand Mayan hammocks and 85% of our unbranded hammocks are Fair Trade certified.
When you purchase a Mayan hammock from Seaside Hammocks you are buying far more than just the world’s most comfortable hammock. You are supporting the hundreds of families that depend on us to help preserve the traditional Maya way of life.

Fair Trade Hammocks

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Seaside Hammocks has been working for many years to help bring prosperity to the Maya people who weave our beautiful hammocks.  Like traditional cultures throughout the world  this culture is under constant pressure from the stress of poverty and the loss of youth to urban areas.  It is fragile.  We are, therefore, really pleased to announce that all of our Tommy Hamaca brand products are certified as Fair Traded.