So now that you have the hammock installed, how the heck do you get into the thing and get comfortable?

As we have had a very busy summer shipping Mayan hammocks to many customers who may be inexperienced or unfamiliar with their use, I dug up this old gem of an article from sometime back to help you get into the swing of things:

I see it every day at the store; and I know I have to do something about it. It all starts with simply knowing how to use a Mayan or Brazilian hammock, a skill, humble in conception, yet apparently fiendishly difficult to comprehend for many of my fellow Americans.
It starts with the fact that most people think they should align themselves with the long hanging axis of the hammock. In so doing they end up assuming the general shape of an unhappy banana. Since this happens even after I have coached them to lie in the hammock at a diagonal, and right in front of me, I have concluded that I need to publish a step by step guide. So below is my patent pending walk through of a lay down in a Mayan or Amazona style hammock.
• First assumption is that the hammock is installed properly according to the instructions given elsewhere.
• Secondly these instructions are for the larger Mayan hammocks. For smaller hammocks some fairly obvious adjustments will need to be made.
• Step one: stand next to the center, or lowest hanging part of the hammock, facing away from it, and reach back and grasp a handful of the far side of the hammock and lift it up over your head.
• Then grasp the front of the hammock with your other hand and sit down in the middle.
• Then gently lay straight back into that bunch of hammock you are holding over your head.
• Now swing your feet up in and stretch the hammock out to the full distance between your out stretched hands and feet, making sure you are centered in the hammock and that you are perpendicular to the hanging axis of the hammock. Your head should not be hanging over the edge, nor should your feet.
• For some people Nirvana is already happening. But if you plan to sleep in the thing and/or reach the zenith of comfort, you now move slowly toward the hanging axis of the hammock until you find a sweet spot that supports you evenly. This will be approximately a 45 degree angle off axis in the larger hammocks, and maybe a 30 degree angle in some of the narrower ones.
• Move around, don’t be bashful, the hammock will conform to you. Give it a shot.
• Once you are used to how the hammock supports you, you can move around into any type of free form position that you like.

The above directions, of course, are for the beginner in the path of hammock enlightenment. Veterans will find their way to the doorway of bliss, in a manner of their own devising.
Author Tom Sloane has devoted years to the study and development of improved hammocks, and countless thousands of hours in the testing of  Mayan hammocks. Visit Seaside Hammocks where your host, Tommy Hamaca, will guide you to the perfect hammock for home or garden.

Health Benefits of Using a Hammock

Hammocks have become increasingly popular mainly because of the uniqueness of the design parameters. A hammock is basically a type of sleeping device that is suspended from walls, ceilings, trees, roof hooks, or posts and meant to provide an enhanced resting and relaxing experience. Hammocks are made from light-weight material like hammock cord or fabric, and are highly portable in nature. Hammocks or hanging beds that swing easily from two points provide the much-needed relaxation and amazing health benefits for people with joint, bone and spinal problems.

Medical uses and benefits of hammocks:

1. Promotes faster sleep: Studies have evidenced that people fall asleep faster in a hammock. They are reminiscent of a womb, providing natural rhythm for a sound and relaxed sleep.
2. Reduces pressure points: Sleeping in the hammock provides a zero-pressure point environment. There is absolutely no tossing and turning, and, hence, a comfortable sleep is ensured. Relieving pressure from key energy areas stimulates good blood circulation also.
3. Reduces stress: Mental stress is potentially harmful and deadly. It is clearly evident that hammocks are instrumental in relieving stress. There is nothing more calming to the senses than the swinging and rocking motion of the hammock which stimulates the cerebral cortex and increases the person’s ability to think and focus. It also improves concentration and cognitive skills.
4. Improves physical health: When you lie down in a hammock the spinal vertebrae are aligned from “head to tail bone.” This rejuvenates your body and transforms you into a state of meditation which in turn improves your overall health.
5. Relieves back and neck pain: Lying in the hammock relieves some of the pressure off your muscles. As the hammock adjusts to the contours of your body it assures good support and eliminates pressure points. It promotes relaxation of the muscles and permits more consistent flow of blood. You wake up invigorated and energized to face the challenges of the day.
6. Improves brain activity: Lying and relaxing in the hammock is believed to improve brain activity. A hammock is used to treat autism, a disorder in children characterized by impaired communication. Many health practitioners are recommending the use of hammocks to help alleviate this problem.
7. Good for meditation: Yoga practitioners have found hammocks to be effective for meditation as the hammock relaxes and soothes the muscles. At home you can even practice yoga or meditation in a hammock. It relieves your pressure points and relaxes your entire body and mind.
8. Relieves pre-natal pain: Pregnant mothers have successfully implemented the use of hammocks to get relief from pre-natal pain as it fosters a relaxed, sound sleep.
9. Treatment of colic and reflux: Hammock has been touted to relive colic and reflux. The rhythmic swinging motion of the hammock eases tension and relaxes muscles. It provides a better sleeping position for an uncomfortable baby.
10. Relieves head and chest congestion: The slightly elevated position of the hammock is believed to alleviate tightness of chest and head. This ensures a more comfortable and relaxed sleeping atmosphere.coolmain Purplemain

With so many amazing health benefits, a hammock is a must-have in every home. Buy a hammock today and enjoy the incredible benefits that go with it. Hammocks are a great way to relax.