As Time Goes By

Maybe it is the feeling of autumn in the air, yes, even down here in Central Florida, but I find myself reminiscing on the subject of, yes, you guessed it, hammocks. Was it yesterday, or 40 years ago I strung a Mayan hammock between two pear trees on my Napa California hillside rancho? Was it yesterday or 15 years ago we opened a little hammock shop in Lantana, Florida in the Village by the Sea? Nostalgia was once considered a mental disorder, not so much so now. The wistful looking back is a sweet pleasure, even though we may have bled from time to time.
At the beginnings of it all one actually had to go somewhere to find hammocks, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, or Colombia. Not so much so now. I fell in love with hammocks. It was almost spiritual, lying between Heaven and Earth, suspended by the hand of God! It still is, now as much as ever.
The business has certainly changed. Ramona (Mike James), Ray Baur, Richard Fairly, the Mad Gringo, Paul at Key West, all were pioneers of the digital marketing era. All brought the hammock magic to the people of America and the world. They were and are real people with a real mission. Tommy Hamaca was proud to join them. Amongst us we created an amazing edifice of imports and education, of marketing and sales. Our crowning achievement though was not what we sold, but what we gave—relaxation, comfort, moments of peace, rest to a weary world.
I remember writing some years ago that it seemed that hammock shops were springing up on line like mushrooms after the rains. Most of them have been swept away by winter storms and summer heat, because they had no real roots, no passion. In the early years of Seaside Hammocks, my competitors were real hammock people with online businesses. Now, so many are gone, sucked up or crushed by the Great Satan of our era, Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, soulless giants devouring the souls and life blood of the individual creative spirit.
Yet we persevere, doing what they cannot, innovating real products, providing actual customer service by human beings. May we “live long and prosper” that we may continue to serve you with the absolute best!