Spring Has Sprung

pillo and choo choo 011

It was love at first sight! On display, hung the most beautiful hammock with a crochet border of scallop fringe, hand woven in natural cotton. How pretty.  It was eighteen years ago, in a little hammock shop in Miami, where I first fell in love with the Nicaraguan style hammock. This was the beginning of my hammock fever, and the vision for a little seaside hammock shop on east Ocean Avenue, in the quaint hamlet called Lantana by the sea. The sign out front welcomed all to “Seaside Hammocks, your relaxation destination.”

This hammock romance springs eternal in my heart to this very day. Here in the ridge town of Lake Wales, our neighbours all have porch swings. When we moved in to this charming old manse home, the porch swing was replaced with the pretty hammock with the earthy, sweet fragrance in the cotton fibre cord. Cool mornings are good reason for a little snuggle in the “porch swing” Nicaraguan Wedding Hammock. I wrap the intricate crochet borders together, making a lacey coverlet to keep the morning chill away. Puppy Patchouli jumps up and joins in the cozy nest. This is a true moment of hammock bliss. What a dreamy wedding gift this Nicaraguan hammock would be for the bride and groom. It is spring, wedding season, and hammock season, a season full of flowers, love and adventure.

Speaking of memories, did you know that scent is the strongest tie to memory? Springtime up state New York and Connecticut is one of my favourite memories. Pop up blooms of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, lily of the valley, flowering tree branches of forsythia, cherry, and dogwood, and the wisteria vines, these are all a few of my favourite things. Memories of heavenly bouquets of lilacs, and one in particular, is of an old photo of darling little Kelsey in her hammock hanging between two Oaks on Round Lake. I still remember my song to her as I pushed her to and fro,” Kelsey Kocoon, by the light of the moon, swinging in her hammock, Kelsey Kocoon by the light of the moon, creating lots of havoc”…


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