Amazon Is Not Your Friend

Let’s face it, Amazon is the eight hundred pound gorilla in the online sales market, and their growth accounts for half of all sales growth in U. S. e-commerce!  Growth in retail is all going to be online and Amazon owns Online.  Soon they will be selling their own label groceries and household goods.  The Waltons of Walmart must be very nervous!!!!
Seaside Hammocks is an e-commerce hammock business, born the summer 0f 2002,  as a cute and cozy hammock shop in Lantana by the sea.  Tommy created the on-line store during the course of that year, when the internet retail market was prime for exploration and new business.  The getting was good so to speak, and was  featured on the first page for all of the best search words related to hammocks. Back in those days, this was known as “natural rankings”.
Today, fourteen years later, we face the “eight hundred pound gorilla”, named Amazon by not beating him, but by joining in for our monthly fee for a sale or two with all of the other masses selling the same thing.  Included with “the mass” are some of our hammock suppliers/manufacturers, who forbid us to sell “their products” on Amazon.  The wholesale-retail business relationship is closing in as well. It really is a “shark tank” world that we live in.
So I ask myself, “why won’t Amazon crush us”?  The answer is pure and simple.  The best customer service is key to survival.   There is no way  to talk to a hammock expert at the “Gorilla Nation”, but you can talk to either Kim or Tom at Seaside Hammocks!  We are here to answer every little detail question or concern.  We are here to recommend the best hammock fit for your needs.   We know all about hammocks, as hammocks are our expertise. Isn’t it refreshing to actually speak to a real live human being who is both knowledgeable, helpful, and cheerful? So how does it get  any better than that?  Don’t forget to ask about our coupon code for a little bonus gift. You won’t even have to ask your husband or wife!!!!

Essence Of Man

rainchainhammock 008

Moriche 019

Friday, May 13/16

Essence of Man:

I remember how Cesar, our Venezuelan hammock dealer described the moriche palm fiber hammock to me, He proclaimed that, when your man is away, you will always be reminded of him, as “his essence” remains in the palm fibres of the hammock! In other words, you do not want to wash the moriche palm fibre hammock. I thought to myself, what an ideal “man cave” hammock this is!

Given the hugeness of the moriche open weave hammock, it is a very good hammock choice for the “prime mates” who may dwell in the cave. Besides, the “essence of man”, that Cesar described to me, the hammock fibre has a very earthy, sea grass smell as well. Also, it is soft to the touch and very supportive of the friendly giant girth! So ladies, consider this particular hammock as the gift that keeps on giving this Father’s Day, Sunday June the 19th.

The moriche hammock has been awarded the Tommy Hamaca seal of approval. This highly ranked hammock choice has been well tested on many a night especially after happy hour cocktails, or a fine Sunday afternoon Havana cigar and many a rainy day nap.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

rainchainhammock 003 rainchainhammock 008

It’s raining, it’s pouring, this old gal is snoring, snoring aloud in my hammock bed of earthy fragrant delight.    The dewy fragrance of  my Venezuelan moriche palm fibre hammock reminds me of the lingering  earth essence from the sea grass floor mats in our  Seaside Hammocks shop, “Lantana” by the sea”.   Rainy days are lazy hazy dreamy days, days to be dedicated to serious relaxation!

I remember my first vision of “rain chains’ at our charming motel in Costa Rica, years ago.  There they were, a token “mystery object” hanging from the eaves of the roof , falling to the ground.  What are they, I wondered?  The daily tropical  afternoon rain  showers clearly illustrated their purpose.  How hypnotic it was, to watch and hear the rain drops cling in a solid stream from link to link descending down the chain to the ground, watering the thirsty gardens below.
Included on my bucket list, and of top priority for the old manse home in Lake Wales,  was of course a cozy porch hammock bed, and a series of rain chains or rain cups, hanging from the eaves to be installed around the wrap around porch,  ”le porte-cochere” and along the back of the house, anchored in line to fill up the rain barrels.
Whether the rain is soft and gently flowing or gushing wildly through the chains and cups, the vision is truly mesmerizing, an occasion that I lovingly refer to as my much needed “therapy session!”  Let me also declare that I am not on the therapist coach, but hanging out porch side in my amazing hammock gently swinging in the rain breeze.  Ask yourself, these questions,  how does it get any better than this?  Where would you rather be?
On this rainy spring day in May, I  think of the song by Gordon Lightfoot, “rainy day people always seem to know when it’s time to call: rainy day lovers don’t hide love inside, they just pass it on….   As I sing along, the wind chimes ring the tune.  Time spent in my hammock on the porch is  truly my little piece of heaven!