The Hammock Chair

Today we cover the important distinction between hammocks and hammock chairs. Although they’re very much alike, they’re different in many ways as well. While hammocks give you the comfort of lying down, hammock chairs allow you to sit a bit upright but still relaxed. For instance, if you want to take an afternoon nap in your garden, a hammock would be more appropriate. But for times when you just want to read a book or to engage in conversation, a hammock chair is better.

When it comes to installation, they differ as well. Hammocks usually require 2 points (e.g. between 2 trees) for them to be put up. On the other hand, hammock chairs require only a single point. Stands have also been made for hammock chairs, and these will be discussed later.

Do I need a hammock chair stand?
Since most hammock chairs nowadays come with leg rest, you’d need a stand for this kind of hammock chair. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of stands based on their material. The first kind, wood, would be perfect with a rope hammock chair. They are also very durable, but depending on the quality of wood, may rot easily after bad weather conditions. Metal, on the other hand, are available in different kinds. There’s the porch swing type, C-style, as well as a low beach chair stand. Aside from that, steel stands are also durable and easy to assemble. You can make use of arc hammock stands for a more dramatic look, since this is guaranteed to go well with any setting.

How about designs?
Again, designs of both hammock chairs and hammock chair stands have branched out to include different styles as well as materials. Back then, rope hammock chairs were the only options. However, hammock chairs nowadays make use of different materials, including rattan. Of course, rope hammock chairs and hand-woven models still remain as the most classic and sought-after designs. A wicker hammock chair is also a good option if you’re after something more elegant and classier.

Shopping Tips!
Before anything else, think of where you want to place your hammock chair. If you’re going to place it outside, make sure the base is stable. Although a hammock chair out in your garden looks lovely, it might be hard to move once it starts to rain. Patios are better options – they still allow you to enjoy fresh air under the comforts of a roof. Where you place your hammock chair determines what type and size to buy.

Doing a little research also helps since this will orient you on what you should expect.

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