Essence Of Man

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Moriche 019

Friday, May 13/16

Essence of Man:

I remember how Cesar, our Venezuelan hammock dealer described the moriche palm fiber hammock to me, He proclaimed that, when your man is away, you will always be reminded of him, as “his essence” remains in the palm fibres of the hammock! In other words, you do not want to wash the moriche palm fibre hammock. I thought to myself, what an ideal “man cave” hammock this is!

Given the hugeness of the moriche open weave hammock, it is a very good hammock choice for the “prime mates” who may dwell in the cave. Besides, the “essence of man”, that Cesar described to me, the hammock fibre has a very earthy, sea grass smell as well. Also, it is soft to the touch and very supportive of the friendly giant girth! So ladies, consider this particular hammock as the gift that keeps on giving this Father’s Day, Sunday June the 19th.

The moriche hammock has been awarded the Tommy Hamaca seal of approval. This highly ranked hammock choice has been well tested on many a night especially after happy hour cocktails, or a fine Sunday afternoon Havana cigar and many a rainy day nap.

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