Amazon Is Not Your Friend

Let’s face it, Amazon is the eight hundred pound gorilla in the online sales market, and their growth accounts for half of all sales growth in U. S. e-commerce!  Growth in retail is all going to be online and Amazon owns Online.  Soon they will be selling their own label groceries and household goods.  The Waltons of Walmart must be very nervous!!!!
Seaside Hammocks is an e-commerce hammock business, born the summer 0f 2002,  as a cute and cozy hammock shop in Lantana by the sea.  Tommy created the on-line store during the course of that year, when the internet retail market was prime for exploration and new business.  The getting was good so to speak, and was  featured on the first page for all of the best search words related to hammocks. Back in those days, this was known as “natural rankings”.
Today, fourteen years later, we face the “eight hundred pound gorilla”, named Amazon by not beating him, but by joining in for our monthly fee for a sale or two with all of the other masses selling the same thing.  Included with “the mass” are some of our hammock suppliers/manufacturers, who forbid us to sell “their products” on Amazon.  The wholesale-retail business relationship is closing in as well. It really is a “shark tank” world that we live in.
So I ask myself, “why won’t Amazon crush us”?  The answer is pure and simple.  The best customer service is key to survival.   There is no way  to talk to a hammock expert at the “Gorilla Nation”, but you can talk to either Kim or Tom at Seaside Hammocks!  We are here to answer every little detail question or concern.  We are here to recommend the best hammock fit for your needs.   We know all about hammocks, as hammocks are our expertise. Isn’t it refreshing to actually speak to a real live human being who is both knowledgeable, helpful, and cheerful? So how does it get  any better than that?  Don’t forget to ask about our coupon code for a little bonus gift. You won’t even have to ask your husband or wife!!!!

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