Moriche Has Arrived

It seemed like an endless journey, up the Orinoco River in a flat bottomed boat with the hypnotic chug of the aging diesel engine.  Paquito made the trip a day longer by pulling up the wrong fork in the river, and had to back track. Finally he made it into Valencia with the precious bale of hammocks, hand woven by the Warao jungle people.  Seaside Hammocks has always gone the distance to bring amazing products from the far reaches of the earth, and this is no exception.  These hammocks are made exclusively of the fibers of the Moriche palm, boiled, spun, and strapped into a sumptuous weave that contains absolutely no commercial products whatsoever.  The hammocks are smooth, spacious and earthily aromatic. This is the journey of dreams indeed.  The actual journey, however, was complicated by the desperate political and economic situation in Venezuela. Cesar shipped by Fedex from Valencia, and, thankfully, there was still a truck with enough fuel to drive the bale to Caracas, where it sat disconsolate for over a week while FedEx agents attempted to find an airplane to fly it home to us here as Seaside Hammocks, your Relaxation Destination! Eventually they found one, and here they are.  We will be sorting and grading these incredible hammocks throughout the weekend, and hope to have them onsite after the 4th of July.  Happy Independence Day!

Your hammock awaits.


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