Making of the Mayan Hammock

It is doubtful that the majority of users of Mayan hammocks have any idea of what an amazing process the making of a hammock is. These next posts and photos will be an effort to bring some of this to light. When I look at our shelves of hundreds of hammocks in all colors of the rainbow and beyond, they may appear as simple artifacts, as I suppose they are. But let me transport you to the village into the home of Noemi Colli Chilam from the village of Chican. She is 43 years old, married with two children and has been weaving hammocks for our company for ten years. The cottage is surrounded by vegetable garden and a few chickens and a small number of farm animals. Like many of our weavers she makes hammocks to bring in extra income for her family. Her bastidore is set up outside now in the coolness of fall. When she is not weaving she will be cooking for her family on the ubiquitous wood burning stoves of the region, which impart that faint smokey aroma to the cotton hammocks.

weaving the hammock

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