Summertime Hammocks

As summer comes a scorching in here in the northern hemisphere, people hope to find a bit of relaxation in a hammock! And why not?! What could be nicer than drowsing in comfort on a lazy afternoon? When selecting a hammock, particularly for outdoor use, the materials used play a significant role in comfort and durability. The original hammocks were made from tree fibers and supported by woven branches. But a lot has changed since then. Unless you are on a Discovery Channel episode let’s leave the bark of trees for another time, and get to business on what is best for your modern day hammock.
Cotton is almost universally agreed to produce the most comfortable hammocks. It is strong, soft, breathable, and just plain giving. In Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks, cotton is used in the form of string or cords to make comfortable open weave hammocks. In Brazilian hammocks it is cross woven into canvas. While cotton resists sun degradation quite nicely, being an organic product, it is susceptible to mildew and mold which will weaken its fibers and cause it to rot, if not kept dry.
Polyester is a man made fiber used in a wide range of hammocks. Like cotton, it is generally soft and comfortable, and very strong. Being non organic in origin it is not subject to mildew, and is often a great choice for the outdoors in wetter condition. It tends to stiffen after a few seasons in the UV radiation of old Sol.
Polypropylene is surprisingly common in the Mexican style of hammock where it is referred to as nylon. It is extremely strong, excellent for jungle use and humid climates. It won’t mildew, and is long lasting in the shade. Under high UV it can deteriorate quickly. It forms a harder, stiffer bed than cotton or polyester.
Nylon, true nylon, is a superb hammock material for the great outdoors. It is also quite expensive. It combines the strength of polypropylene with the comfort of cotton and a silky feel of its own. It also exhibits a strong disregard for UV radiation. It is principally found in high end Mayan hammocks such as the  Tommy Hamaca Nylon Crochet XXG, which is, in our experience, the finest outdoor hammock available.
Durasol cording made in Mexico also makes a good long lasting out door hammock. To view the best selection of All Weather hammocks on the internet, visit our All Weather Hammock section.
Since threads make the bed, pick materials that work best for your blend of comfort, wear, and longevity.FLHcuracao100

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