A Focus on Brazil

The Brazilian Hammocks are elegant in appearance and are extremely comfortable. The Hammocks feature thick cotton beds, which provide comfort and warmth for colder nights. A decorative look can be given to the Brazilian Hammocks by macramé or crochet fringes. These Hammocks are made up of hundred percent robust cotton fabric. The Brazilian Hammocks are hand woven and are extremely beautiful. They are original and frequently made with brilliant colors without the use of spreader bars. They can be differentiated from other hammocks in that they are tightly woven less cool on a hot summer day, but warmer in cool weather. Not only for summer, but even for colder climates the Brazilian Hammocks are excellent at creating a sense of security while sleeping and for overnight use.  For a closer look at these fabulous hammocks visit our Brazilian Hammocks page.BSH18-5_model_006 BrazilBossa Icarai Rainbow1

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