Camping is just as popular today as in days gone by when families packed up the station wagon with tents, sleeping bags and the Coleman stove to head into the Great Outdoors to do some camping.
What has changed, however is the accommodations. The latest trend is hammocks, which have been around for as long as tents, but only in the last few years have been popular as replacements for tents.
Hammock tents are designed for one person — or two people who are getting along extremely well indeed!
Several outdoor gear manufacturers have developed products for the hamping market. Seaside Hammocks offers the Hammock Bliss hammocks, protective flies and bug netting. This gear has been popular for its high quality for about two decades, and is, in fact the reference standard in the industry.
The gear is light, and the comfort is unmatchable in the wild. Sleeping in a hammock provides great head, neck, and back support while eliminating the need for a separate tent, pillow, sleeping bag or air mattress. Hampers can pack a hammock, bug fly, rain fly, straps, ropes and rigging, along with a light blanket, in the bottom of a medium-size book bag or back pack.


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