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Beginning in Merida

The ancient history of the Maya people and the making of hammocks has been covered in our website, and elsewhere, so that this once arcane piece of history has been ardently publicized over the internet. In this blog I will be covering in text and pictures my latest trip to the hamaca holy land. These trips generally begin after a flight from one’s homeland to the airport in Cancun. From there, the amazing ADO buses (freezers on wheels) bring you across the Yucatan to Merida, the ancient and modern capitol city of the Maya. Over 60% of the population is of Mayan descent, a fact that is celebrated in a seemingly endless cycle of festivals and celebrations of the Mayan culture. The city hosts amazing art galleries, and the oldest cathedral on mainland North America. Opposite this cathedral is the the most important square of the many throughout the city. The cathedral itself was built on the foundations of ancient Maya temples.

This is the center square across from the Cathedral, site of many Maya festivals, one such festival being announced by the main door.

.cathedral squarefestival announcement

Inside the cathedral the architecture incorporates structural elements from the Maya temples in the stone foundations and the bases of the columns.  The beautiful marble work utilizes the best of Italian marble.

marble altar rail sanctuary view ttwith organ