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  Yucatecan Double Boat Hammock
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This hammock is polypro nylon, crafted to the same specifications as the regular Yucatecan Double Hammock, except that it is about three feet shorter. This is a hammock that can fit into tight spaces on a boat, or other shaded locations where space is at a premium, and where its resistance to mildew is a plus. The combination of fairly hard material and shorter ends makes it less spacious and comfortable than the regular double, but makes it possible to use a hammock where you otherwise might not.

They are ideal for use in wet conditions, where they will not see much sun. The UV radiation in sunlight shortens their life span considerably.
Total length--approx 10 feet
Hanging distence--8 and 1/2 feet
Bed width-- up to 6 feet
Bed length--7 feet
Weight capacity--400 pounds

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Yucatecan Boat Hammock
Yucatecan Boat Hammock

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