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  Tommy Hamaca Short Queen Hammock

Customers frequently inquire as to whether we carry our popular Mayan Short Hammocks in the superior cording and weave of the Tommy Hamaca line of Mercerized cotton hammocks.  The answer, now, is yes! The Tommy Short Queen is 3 meters (10 feet) in total length, and can be hung in an 8 1/2 feet foot space. So now you can bring that smooth luxurious weave into a small patio or lanai, ot even into a college dorm.

Materials: Mercerized cotton bed, true nylon support arms.

Total length: 10 feet

Bed length:  almost 7 feet (2 meters)

Bed width:  5-6 feet

Hanging Distance: 8 1/2 feet on up

Carrying capacity:  500 lbs

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Tommy Hamaca Natural Short Queen Size Hammock
Tommy Hamaca Natural Short Queen Size Hammock

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