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  Moriche Orinoco Queen
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In the jungles of the Orinoco basin in Venezuela tribal artisans of the Warao still ply the ancestral trades. The hammocks crafted there are among the most magnificent on the earth. The hammock under discussion here is made exclusively and entirely of the fronds of the Moriche palm tree.  The men cut the palm fronds and bring them to the women, who peel the fibers, boil them, and skillfully twist them into the cording for these magnificent hammocks.  The weave style is more like that of the Inca than the Maya, what is called sprang or open weave.  The characteristic of the palm fiber is its smoothness and suppleness. These hammocks mold to your body with a sensuous caress and the grassy aroma of the jungle. These hammocks are perfectly at home in the man cave, the covered patio, or the bedroom.  Traditionally these are lifetime hammocks, and at the end of that life, the burial shroud for their inhabitants.  These hammocks contain no commercial products of any kind.  The decorative stripes utilize natural dye from bark and herb from the locale.

Unlike hammocks from more developed areas of trade, like the Yucatan of Mexico, for example, these hammocks are completely one off artisinal works. There is, therefore, no generalized sizing or ornament pattern.  The ones we offer have each been tested by that masterful slacker, Tommy Hamaca, to ensure proper fit and finish. In stock now we have hammocks that approximate the Matrimonial or Queen size of the Mayan hammocks.  They average 5' flat width expanding to 6-7 feet in use.

The average length is 12 1/2 to 13 1/2 feet.  They will hang nicely in 11 1/2 to 12 1/2 feet.

Based on construction observations they will hold great weight.  But they have not been rated for weight.

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Moriche Queen
Moriche Queen

Moriche Queen
Moriche Queen

Moriche Queen
Moriche Queen

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