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Cotton Jumbo Size Hammock
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$99.99, you save $20.00

This gigantic hammock is for those who really want to get to know their neighbors better, as about the whole ‘hood can pile in. Visit the Mayan Color page to see a sample of Mayan Hammock colors! More importantly, these are the largest of the Cotton Mayan Style Hammocks offered. Whether for relaxation, or for use as a bed, these have the capacity to please!

For use as a primary sleeping space the larger Mayan hammocks offer more support, especially for the big and tall. These rate as a top contender in that category.

Body length 2.20 meters / 7 ft

Body width = 3 meter / 10-12 ft

Total length = 4 meters / 13-14 ft

Weight support = 400 kilograms / 869 pounds

Hanging Distance =11.5 to 12.5 feet

As the hammocks are made by hand, all sizes given are approximate.

Hammock install kits:
Mayan Jumbo Colors:
Mayan Jumbo Hammock
Mayan Jumbo Hammock

Mayan Jumbo--room for all!
Mayan Jumbo--room for all!

Big enough to hold a Bug!
Big enough to hold a Bug!

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