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Hammocks and Hammock Chairs-your best source for Mayan Hammocks :: THE TOMMY HAMACA STORY

Tommy Hamaca stretches out in a Mayan King HammockOur founder, Tommy Hamaca, has taken it upon himself to test many hammock styles for safety, durability and most of all--comfort.

Tommy Hamaca takes his work seriously. It is not easy to spend hours each day in the diligent research that is required to choose the world's most comfortable hammocks. It is a tough job, requiring both patience and skill. But Tommy is willing to do it! When he eases himself into a hammock to begin his initial testing, he brings to the experience a lifetime of comfort research. As he settles into the hammock, specially trained senses alert him to the finest nuances of the relaxation experience.

Tommy disdains to subject himself or his finely trained senses to the indignities of rope hammocks, which embed waffle patterns in the user's back, and whose propeller like spreader bars, undulating with seductive innocence, wait to send the unwary user crashing to the earth. He disdains olefin rope, vinyl, and torture. And he disdains the machine. For Tommy Hamaca, only lovingly crafted, hand made products will even merit review.

Tommy's research career began thirty years ago while he was working in the Napa Valley wine industry. During those formative years in wines, he learned to appreciate the look, the feel, the first pungent aroma, the slowly developing complexities and the lingering finish of a fine wine, skills he brings to every hammock test: The look and feel of the hammock, its color purity, the evenness of the weave, the quality of the knots, even the fine texture of the cotton yarns, then the entry, the way the weave gently separates and redistributes itself around his body, millions of sensory inputs defining the comfort level, the sense of security, and finally the sweet spot, that special place where the body is completely supported, the mind is at rest and the spirit is free to explore the universe in absolute peace.

During those formative years Tommy acquired a Mayan hammock in Mexico, which he strung between two pear trees on his hillside farm. Tommy was young then, and the mission that was to transform his life was many years in the future. But even then he knew that he had found something. At night he dreamed phrases like "O Yucatan tien bien taro" phrases in a language unknown to him but which communicated deeply that the Yucatan was to play a significant role in his life. As well was to be the case, for it was there and in the surrounding regions of Central America that the world's most comfortable style of hammock was born--the Hamaca Maya.

Nicamaka Couples HammockTommy's interest in the hamaca is no desultory pastime. Tommy and his family sleep in hammocks, recreate in hammocks, and hold business meetings held "between Earth and Heaven in the Hands of God" -to use the Mayan expression.


Nicamaka Couples Hammock


Testing for fit and comfort.


Mayan Queen Hammock


Two's Company!

While Tommy was still in college, a traffic accident left him with back problems which were exascerbated by years in the construction industry. These back troubles initiated a search for a supportive resting surface that found Tommy sampling many of the world's finest beds. While he has found several that seemed to provide a good night's sleep, it was not until the Mayan style hamaca became part of his life that he discovered what real back support is. Those thousands of yards of string woven as they are create little cells, which support the user in weightless bliss. If during the course of the day, Tommy's back begins to ache he takes a fifteen-minute hamaca break, until it is all sorted out.

Tommy has discovered that the hammock presents a superb opportunity to reduce stress physically, emotionally and spiritually. Strong medicine for troubled times! According to The Journal of The American Medical Association, woven cotton and nylon hammocks "provide excellent back support" and are, in many ways, the "ultimate tool for relieving stress." According to the Tommy Hamaca Journal--"you dang right!"


Hammock as Bed

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
Edgar Bergen





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